URGENT: « US Citoyens Avertis de se Préparer à la Menace Nucléaire » . _ 17_10_2016.




URGENT: « US Citoyens Avertis de se Préparer à la Menace Nucléaire » . _ 17_10_2016.

Les citoyens américains sont avertis de se préparer à la menace nucléaire



Pastor Paul Begley

URGENT: « US Citoyens avertis de préparer à la menace nucléaire »

URGENT: « US Citizens Warned To Prepare For Nuclear Threat » 

Paul Begley 

Ajoutée le 16 oct. 2016

US Citizens are warned to prepare for Nuclear Threat http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also Help Us Spread the Wordhttps://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr… also http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/7… also https://crusaderjournal.com/2016/10/1…






This is the DEFCON Warning System. Alert status for 8 P.M., Thursday, October 13th, 2016. Condition code is Yellow. DEFCON 3.

Tensions between Russia and the United States have reached levels beyond the cold war in the recent week. 

The situation between Russia and the United States is extremely fluid at the moment. In all likelihood as dynamic as at times during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Mainstream media has taken a very serious tone concerning the change from diplomatic to military options between NATO and Russia. CNN stated, “It’s not a new Cold War. It’s not even a deep chill. It’s an outright conflict.” On October 10th Former Soviet Premier Gorbachev is quoted as saying, “I think the world has reached a dangerous point.”

There are signs of a potential growing large scale conflict in nearly every geopolitical hotspot including Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Syria is seen as one of the trigger points to the renewed tensions between the United States and Russia. The United States has also accused Russia of a cyberattack and meddling with the US Presidential Election. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest promised on Tuesday that the U.S. would deliver a “proportional” response to Russia’s alleged hacking of American computer systems. The US and Britain are also expected to weigh into Syrian military options on Friday. This could increase tensions between the two superpowers to a greater extent.

Moreover, Houthi rebels on the South Coast of Yemen fired one anti-ship missile at the U.S.S. Mason on Sunday, and another on Wednesday. The Pentagon responded by firing 5 TLAM missiles at radar stations inside Yemen. Around this same time, Iran dispatched a fleet of ships to the area. The U.S.S. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group has also been dispatched to the area.

At this time, the DEFCON Warning System feels that an increase to DEFCON 3 would be a prudent move. The situation is currently fluid with diplomatic ties strained and military threats coming from both sides. Russian media is reportedly telling its citizens to prepare for nuclear war. Russia has recently conducted civil defense drills and completed inspections of underground areas to house government officials and some civilians in the event of nuclear war. This is a very sensitive situation which has the potential to spiral out of control. It is recommended that all citizens learn the steps to be taken in the event of nuclear war. We will continue to bring updated information as we receive it.

The DEFCON Warning System is an analytical reporting organization which focuses on nuclear threats against the United States and offers an alert code to the public based on current events. It is not affiliated with any government agency and does not represent the alert status of any military branch. The public should make their own evaluations and not rely on the DEFCON Warning System for any strategic planning. At all times, citizens are urged to learn what steps to take in the event of a nuclear attack.

If this had been an actual attack, the DEFCON Warning System will give radiation readings for areas that are reported to it. Your readings will vary. Official news sources will have radiation readings for your area.

For immediate updates, go to http://www.defconwarningsystem.com. Breaking news and important information can be found on the DEFCON Warning System message board and on the DEFCON Twitter feed DEFCONWS. You may also subscribe to the YouTube channel DefconWarningSystem and the DEFCON Warning System mailing list. Note that Twitter and YouTube updates may be subject to delays. The next scheduled update is 6 P.M. Pacific Time, October 20th, 2016. Additional updates will be made as the situation warrants, with more frequent updates at higher alert levels.

This concludes this broadcast of the DEFCON Warning System.



Armée Américaine se prépare pour All Out War Amid Standoff Syrienne

US Military Prepares For All Out War Amid Syrian Standoff 

Israeli News Live 

Ajoutée le 15 oct. 2016  

FAA has announced No fly zone over certain areas of Montana claiming that Saturday they will launch Rockets for some Space Operation. HMMM No I don’t think so. Huge build up of bombers in the island of Diego Garcia off the coast of India. What is America planning a possible preemptive strike on Russia?
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Turkey warns of war: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/wor…
Russia warns http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/…
Cyber attack https://www.rt.com/news/362868-kremli…

FAA a annoncé Aucune zone d’exclusion aérienne sur certaines zones du Montana affirmant que samedi , ils lancera Rockets pour une opération spatiale. HMMM Non , je ne pense pas. Accumulation énorme d’attentats dans l’île de Diego Garcia au large des côtes de l’ Inde.Quelle est la planification de l’ Amérique une éventuelle frappe préventive sur la Russie? 
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http: //www.newsprepper.com/alerts-war …
La Turquie met en garde contre la guerre: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/wor …
La Russie met en garde http: //www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016 / …
Cyber attaque https: //www.rt.com/news/362868-kremli …



US citizens warned to prepare for NUCLEAR WAR over claims attack warning upgraded

THE US could be edging ever closer to nuclear war with Russia after upgrading its attack defence readiness, it has been claimed.

PUBLISHED: 06:52, Mon, Oct 17, 2016 | UPDATED: 12:43, Mon, Oct 17, 2016

DEFCON level upgraded for nuclear threatGETTY

DEFCON is an alert system used by the US military

DEFCON is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the current threat of nuclear war.
DEFCON is an alert system used by the US military to indicate the current threat of nuclear war.The system has five states of alert, increasing in severity from DEFCON 5 – the least severe – to DEFCON 1 – the highest level.
Currently, the levels is understood to be at 5.But conspiracy theorists have warned the threat has secretly been upgraded two levels to DEFCON 3 – meaning the US could mobilise troops in as little as 15 minutes.

Vladimir Putin and Barack ObamaGETTY

Tensions between Russia and the US have continued to break down

The level was last upgraded to 3 in the aftermath of September 11, 2001 – with standby ordered for a potential rise to DEFCON 2.Now website DEFCON warning system claim it has been upgraded again in a terrifying revelation.While there are currently no imminent threats to the US, it claimed the situation is “fluid and can change rapidly.”

Russian Tolpol missileGETTY

This week Russia tested out the capabilities of its Topol ballistic missiles

Russian MIG fighter jetsGETTY

Russian citizens have been encouraged to find bomb shelters and gas masks

It is recommended that all citizens learn the steps to be taken in the event of nuclear war.

Conspiracy theory website DEFCON warning system

However it also highlighted the dying relationship between the US and Russia, citing concerns of all-out warfare between the bitter rivals.A statement posted on its website read: “Tensions between Russia and the United States have reached levels beyond the cold war in the recent week.“The situation between Russia and the United States is extremely fluid at the moment. In all likelihood as dynamic as at times during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

“At this time, the DEFCON Warning System feels that an increase to DEFCON 3 would be a prudent move.”

Nuclear explosionGETTY

Now world leaders fear Putin’s moves are being carried out in preparation for war

Inside the Russian Army

Russian citizens have been encouraged to find bomb shelters and gas masks today, as state-sponsored infomercials on television gave out guidelines on how people should prepare for a nuclear attack.President Vladimir Putin meanwhile has ordered the evacuation of 40 million people in a military drill.He also transferred nuclear-capable Iskander ballistic missiles to one of its strategic Baltic regions last week, in what officials claim was part of regular military manoeuvres.

However many world leaders fear the moves are being carried out in preparation for war.

Vladimir PutinGETTY

Vladimir Putin ordered the evacuation of 40 million people in a military drill

The conspiracy theory site warned citizens to prepare for any potential conflict, saying: “This is a very sensitive situation which has the potential to spiral out of control.

“It is recommended that all citizens learn the steps to be taken in the event of nuclear war.”

Theorists have even claimed a move to DEFCON 2 is being muted, based on Putin’s call for Russians to return home.

Though the threat of war seems to be rising, the DEFCON level indication reported by the website is only speculation.

The US military do not share the actual DEFCON status  with the public for obvious security reasons.


Nuclear war ‘IMMINENT’ as Russia tells citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are

NUCLEAR war could be imminent as Russia told its citizens to urgently prepare for a devastating radioactive conflict as relations with the West stoop to their lowest since the Cold War.

PUBLISHED: 02:09, Sat, Oct 15, 2016 | UPDATED: 09:18, Sat, Oct 15, 2016

Obama Putin Russia America nuclear warGETTY

Russia told its citizens to find their nearest nuclear bunker amid WW3 fears

A terrifying Russian television broadcast explicitly told civilians to find out where their nearest bomb shelter is and repeatedly asked viewers if they were ready for nuclear war.One apocalyptic broadcast told viewers on Moscow’s state-owned TV channel NTV: « If it should one day happen, every one of you should know where the nearest bomb shelter is. It’s best to find out now. »
The enraged host, Evgeny Kiselyov, blasted America’s « impudent behaviour » and spent two hours warning that a conflict could take « nuclear dimensions ».Aggressive posturing from Russia in recent weeks has seen the state force 40 million of its citizens to take part in a massive defence drill to prepare them for a nuclear holocaust.Russia’s military announced it would run the country-wide drill in preparation of a large-scale war.

Obama Putin Russia America nuclear war

Obama Putin Russia America nuclear warGETTY

Bombs have been raining down on Syrian civilians as Russia continues its bombardment

Verbal jousting between the US, Britain and Russia over the issue of the ongoing bombardment of civilians in Syria are reaching a peak, with the very real possibility of genuine armed conflict between the nations taking place over the city of Aleppo.But one expert believes Putin’s latest ramping-up of tensions is simply a tactic to prevent the US from interfering in Syria and to put the incoming American President on the back foot when they take office next year.


Tensions are mounting between Putin and Obama over the Syrian conflict

The governor of St Petersburg clarified what bread rations people could expect should Russia come under attack – 300 grams for 20 days.The Kremlin also ordered nuclear capable missiles to be rolled into a base in mainland Europe, on an enclave near Poland called Kaliningrad.It comes as Russia vowed to shoot down any American fighter planes that attack President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria.

Aleksander Baunov, an analyst at the Carnegie Moscow Centre, said the civil defence drills and the heated programming on television were a ploy to deter the US from interfering with Russia’s military campaign in Syria or responding too strongly to suspected Russian efforts to interfere with the US elections.

He said: « They want to touch bottom and then to try to go up.

“Any responsible politician…if you are responsible and experienced, it cannot start with further downgrading already bad relations if they are already at bottom.”






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NIBIRU Planet X Visible Now May 2016 _ 23_05_2016. // نيبيرو الكوكب العاشر مرئية الآن قد 2016


Nibiru Planète X Visible Maintenant Mai 2016

نيبيرو الكوكب العاشر مرئية الآن قد 2016

NIBIRU Planet X Visible Now May 2016

Nibiru, Wormwood, Latest Photos 2016 Best to Date Planet X, Red Kachina Steve Olson

DOC tv world II 

Ajoutée le 17 mai 2016

Steve Olson is a researcher, cyber security expert, retired USAF and held a Top Security SBI/SCI Clearance. Mr Olson brings a blockbuster amount of evidence, pointing to the very real possibility a Secondary Solar System is on an path that will come
Gill Broussard, creator of the Planet X (7X) hypothesis, explores the topic of Planet X / Nibiru. This rogue “PLANET X,” (so named by NASA, and so named by astronomers for the past century), is Nibiru. Gill predicts a Planet X flyby in 2016

Nibiru Planète X Visible Maintenant Mai 2016 Multiples Sources/Photos Nibiru, Wormwood & Binary Star System 

نيبيرو الكوكب العاشر مرئية الآن قد 2016

صور مصادر متعددة نيبيرو، مرارة & نظام نجم ثنائي

NIBIRU Planet X Visible Now May 2016 Multiple Sources⁄Photos Nibiru, Wormwood & Binary Star System


Ajoutée le 14 mai 2016

NIBIRU Planet X Visible Now May 2016 Multiple Sources⁄Photos Nibiru, Wormwood & Binary Star System

These are the latest photos sent from multiple sources around the globe. Could this be Nibiru or Planet X or the Red kachina? Are we entering a new Binary Star System we haven’t come across in thousands of years? You decide. The Leak Project motto is « Question Everything »

Anglais (Sous-titres automatiques)
0:17Rex bear here with lead project thank you everybody for joining us this
0:26edition we are going to be discussing the most current updates we have on
0:32Planet X and the binary star system that is being reported from around the globe
0:38I’ve read a couple of comments recently on a video we did hear about a week ago
0:44that said well if planted X is really there how come people that are
0:50astronomers amateurs saying hey I can see this heavenly body that shouldn’t be
0:57there and sending pictures
0:59well they are we’re getting from all over the place so is Steve Olson over at
1:03the wormwood system server Robert H evans juniors getting a ton of photos
1:09and friend requests from people there seems strange anomalies in the sky for
1:13not only webcams professional-grade cameras and observatories phone cameras
1:19that yours from high-end digital Nikon etcetera so there’s a lot of evidence
1:27out there to point to a planetary body that shouldn’t be there at least from
1:33what we’ve been taught in school typically so we’ve got about two dozen
1:37photos were going to share with you that have been sent to Robert H evans junior
1:41from all over the world and they’ve been sent in from different types of cameras
1:48from observatories etcetera
1:51so we want to get your opinion on this I do my best to be as neutral as possible
1:54I actually think that some of them are just very strange anomalies but many
2:00people have different opinions so would like yours here at the leak project make
2:04sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel youtube.com / clandestine time or to
2:08have access to all the latest podcasts first and free you do not have to pay to
2:12be a member with leaked project get access to this information we pay for
2:16the equipment we put together the time and effort to get the guests on the show
2:21about a week ago we did a podcast and I think whoever it was that contributed
2:26$100 to the show and then I read several comments after that we’re we’re trolling
2:32for money will folks were not if you’d like to contribute fantastic if not I
2:36think you’re contributing just by listening to shows and I appreciate that
2:39so thank you for all that you do everybody there has been a part of this
2:43and we will continue to bring you cutting edge information from guests
2:47around the world that are the tops of their field they’re not going to be
2:50given the time of day and many of the mainstream brain drain media outlets and
2:56also I would like to recommend if you have some information or photographs of
3:01Planet X please send it to bother myself guest bookings at least project dot com
3:06is our email and Robert H evans junior is the Facebook page for bob here and
3:13he’s got probably over a thousand people that helped him and contribute to this
3:19Planet X Nibiru phenomenon that many people are seeing
3:29doing ok thank you it’s great to have you now this first picture that we’re
3:34looking at here what is this well this one photograph we’re looking at Ascot
3:40exactly where my strengths it was taken I think it’s important Soviet Union
3:44somewhere around over there were you seeing our son which is just to the
3:49right and then left you’re seeing another one of those moons nice call
3:58these things and its plant nine plants of Newberry or moon but as I’ve said
4:06before we have eight of these things in our skies right now so we’re seeing them
4:12often on problem is orbiting counterclockwise right towards them or
4:19in the beer itself and these things are getting larger and larger being seen
4:25clearer and clearer in our skies around the planet yeah I mean that’s a pretty
4:31interesting shot right there now I’m gonna go to the next one below it and
4:36like this was sent out by a story yesterday seeing it down there and then
4:41skies now I couldn’t case a larger enhancement of that but that’s again one
4:49new beury’s moons planets I mean to be rude but the size Jupiter no larger so
4:56these things are about to sidebar planet Earth now while Mike Cranston it’s easy
5:03for real why aren’t affecting the earth
5:07well they are set to near the volcanic activity has been going up through the
5:14earthquake activity has been on the rise
5:17our weather is really screwing up let’s turn bright red
5:20no one’s talking about this in our skies everyone else is seeing that the news
5:26media will not talk about this stuff so now you’re seeing us Trulia just people
5:35down under down lower part
5:39this year’s manure friend you can see the Sun the Sun Rex with your arab going
5:47down just a touch above our son that’s what this person took this image and
5:57it’s very clear to a lot of people who are following this arson is one object
6:03here’s the other object and scene right above it she shies from candidate to
6:09back and thank you and sorry I pronounce your last name properly hope we’ll see
6:18more from you think you sure you know the photographs just coming in left him
6:23right I’m getting him on Facebook crime message emails people are taking
6:32photographs of things in studies using their IP their iPhones or iPads and
6:37sending them you know and you can ignore this for so long
6:44lot people they want go home they have generally they relax next morning to get
6:50the paper they watched the morning news to go back to work and they have
6:54anything else
6:55delve into that cycle there and and I hate to mention us last week my wife and
7:03I were going on a vacation down the car owners and I had a small stroke was
7:08walking up here in Cherry Street in San Francisco Pride gone into crisis you’re
7:17saying about the headache then we’re in a terror our trip down to Carlsbad so I
7:23didn’t say anything bad headaches germantown see a lot you know a lot of
7:30people are are paying attention to this just want to know what they think is
7:37these are not normally being senior stars to over 3,000 years that’s
7:45probably smaller saying there’s a there’s small one right there and that
7:51large one is clearly something that’s being hidden from her eyes either by the
7:57E Cheese which are intervening or from chemtrails numerous people simply store
8:06aggressive the ground saying it can’t explain it should not normally be there
8:12are people are seeing all Skype was turned off I was told my internet has
8:22been really shake your religions you can clearly see these things and there’s
8:29date and time right there so I knew were friends I mean just yesterday I had
8:35fifty friend request just took me a long time to cut it down
8:40sad my own jobs around this place here I can only see their seats in the servitor
8:49we’re seeing east west north south and the observatory’s seeing with their own
8:56multi-million dollar Charis and makes you wonder just doesn’t make me wonder
9:04why I have a good idea where they are and there is red and there’s that big
9:10circular thing in our sons often left I’m wondering if this is a reflection
9:18off of something else like you know there’s another red objects
9:25tracks but I have to imagine that since this is a camera to an observatory not
9:34Mike Hammer not your camera
9:37that the Observatory has where they are not seeing reflections could be and also
9:44though if you look at the way that it’s lined up you know you this big circle
9:49here right and in my opinion I think that this big circle is probably just a
9:53reflection of some sort and then and the person took this photograph disagrees
9:59with you which is which is totally fine and I just wanted to just let me get my
10:02two cents in here real quick
10:04why I feel this way is because of the way that it’s lined up perfectly if you
10:09look at the straight line here I’ve got this mouse cursor that i’m gonna try and
10:12give you a reference point the way that this is perfectly off to the rate and if
10:18you see this like read these red dots here obviously these could be a lot
10:22bigger if these are some type of planets your comments or some type of objects
10:27and it was reflecting that kinda like this color right here you see this color
10:31red here reminds me the same red color here so I mean it could very well be
10:37like you said some type of lunar objects being cloaked somewhat with the
10:41chemtrails mean I wouldn’t put that past I’m just look at it but scenes but
10:47seeing something that large nurse says hold me at first during 2015 when other
10:55people are catching magnificent huge thing in our skies close but then person
11:05that you click to photographs over Florence Italy on January 8 clearly
11:11showed something that big on israelis horizon so when I see something that
11:19doesn’t faze me anymore I don’t know these things only the powers that be
11:30know that that much information I don’t know how large these planets and moons
11:39it’s a little bit and here he you secret person put refraction 41
11:46something this one’s from Ken Williams I just want to give a shout out because
11:52he’s been sending me photos now for over a month and we try to do a couple of
11:56shows with Bob and it was funny because both times we tried to put together a
12:01show the first one we had some technical difficulties on his in the second time
12:06we spent over four hours recording this podcast and then we got finished with it
12:10all the lights were flashing in the whole thing was just totally wild we
12:14basically had to scrap it now there are no baby was just user error I’m sure
12:18that’s what it was but look at these pictures right here i mean he takes
12:21these from Sky cans and has a very prestigious position in the medical
12:27industry where he knows how to read certain charts and visuals that most
12:31people aren’t trained for and he started looking at these guy cams over a year
12:35ago before he started seeing these things used to look at it just to waste
12:40time when he didn’t have something to do in between work and then he noticed
12:44these things start coming around about a year ago and he says they’re getting
12:47closer and closer as they are and that’s because you’re orbiting towards damn new
12:55period and its moons or planets use on a clockwise or through our system out the
13:04earth all the way all of our plans except for Pluto orb it counterclockwise
13:13in our own system heading to the right to left right towards them and that’s
13:19why they are growing larger and larger in our skies the last person who knew
13:26about this was after work and Egyptian scribe backgrounds 3216 13 BC
13:35and he said destroyer was a reddish mass in their skies and it took up basically
13:43almost one fifth of the skies are rising on up into the upper atmosphere so they
13:53saw these things really large near stars then we’re seeing red mass in our skies
13:59now the Holy Bible clothes that were in the Hopi people cheering United States
14:08ought to read to Chi nur so there’s that big red mask being scenes guys it’s not
14:18our moon armories white with the black areas asteroid typer meteor shower type
14:26areas so you know we haven’t seen anything like this for three thousand
14:32something years and that’s why everyone stinking cheers for a some people are
14:37really just taking one photograph fancy telescopes using the Astronomy type
14:46stuff like this one pitcher from near Savannah skies Australia where their
14:50observatories down there you can clearly see its observed when you see the great
14:56work says north south east and west that’s not observe Ettore photograph you
15:04can see all that red yes
15:07doing what what was in their skies and clouds but the huge red circular thing
15:15is clearly one of the things rossini skies another band kids can see took
15:25this shirt not iPhone but they called the the tablets that Mac makes this
15:32right here he thinks is the Nemesis he says that he didn’t see this year ago
15:37and its nemesis nemesis
15:43other term
15:46columbus member to the nasa correct
15:53internal we’ve been told over two years
15:59different names this thing along that’s been missing information
16:05Logsdon deliberately put out two notes just this one thing no its plant nine no
16:13its nuclear known if you just exist it’s this that this that you know back in
16:21regions Bob looks almost looks like when the cap camera images from the soho
16:31rehab you’re pointing to that long armed holds at Big Disk out front of the
16:36camera I honestly don’t know where that is just that wasn’t my photographs
16:41there’s a big red thing in the sky suites right down there and virtually in
16:49the center right there never get too big red thing up there some of these cameras
16:56and pressure they hold they have an arm reaching out to hold his desk as certain
17:04distance from the camera lens and that disc hides all the parts coming offer
17:11since it’s not being blinded by looking at the same exactly it so now this was
17:18interesting because I call this one or no this isn’t what I call base metals
17:23are showing a minute that looks like all these different color planets out there
17:27is no just like we talked you know yes we’ve seen between five and six these
17:39things in our skies since 2015 with our own eyes but we leaked the fact that our
17:49northern observatories have known
17:52and show right now that they’re eight objects being seen in our skies that we
17:58cannot see
18:00keeping clients they know there are eight things other than are moving up in
18:08the skies so look at this red dot right here say it I said it may look straight
18:16ahead and virtually straight line there you’ve got the the red obviously what
18:22you think is the red cochina this big right now could it possibly be a
18:29reflection of this red dot right here which could possibly be the news or
18:34something else because I can’t put a reference point to that well this is not
18:38one of my friend I have to assume and the assume part make everyone knows risk
18:49Stansport we have to assume that everyone is looking at these imagers and
18:56they’re looking for that fake image
19:00Photoshop image or the other image that we’re putting forward as this and
19:08they’re just waiting for us to show something here he’s showing there’s
19:15flares this lens years older show up here there’s whatever here and I’m quite
19:22sure your strand would not have sent you a graph with steak I mean I don’t think
19:30he did he Photoshop that’s not at all what I’m getting too I’m just a mean I
19:33clearly this is the picture he took off of the ok what I’m getting at that like
19:39a Sun reflection of light reflection off of that now I have to assume that this
19:46photograph was taken by an observatory camera store showing a north south east
19:52west there that they have eliminated all those things from every photograph tapes
20:00that they’ve looked at other times when
20:05would have had a lens flare or this or that because these cameras are in
20:11deserve a Tory up on top and they have to make sure these photographs are
20:18stacked perfect otherwise why haven’t they distribute last edited by this trip
20:26that or this or this message in this picture here you look at the Sun and you
20:32look at all the stuff around you can tell a lot of this is lens wear right I
20:37am NOT Photographic Experts I cannot tell you one way or so and then I’m
20:44looking at this red you know the red anomaly down here again and I can see if
20:48you look straight above it there’s this red mass again just right now if you
20:52know if you head to camera in your own hand you could write you could see where
20:59possibly a lens flare was this being a stationary camera underneath the dome in
21:07reserve a Tory I can’t answer anything beyond that you know what I can’t say
21:13though is it’s it’s certainly a strange anomaly in a keeps coming up about the
21:18same size is coming up multiple days different observatories different
21:24cameras people so and one thing that stands the same is about the size of it
21:32i mean it saying the same there could be something there I’m just trying to look
21:37at this as analytical as possible he and I understand completely
21:41actually thankfully you do this because we’re just sending in photographs to you
21:49with no warning or any idea how they were taken then it all comes back on to
21:54you so I’m glad you are is this real bob is it not real well I mean here’s the
22:04thing is we gotta be there has been pitchers that I’ve gotten before that I
22:07looked at it first and I said you know that’s that’s pretty freakin cool and
22:12then I’ve done some research into it there’s been several pictures that I
22:16been able to debunk them personally sure so now I think I might do here one of
22:22these days is do a show on all those pictures that looks so cool but you can
22:27show had no it looks good and people have the right intense they want trying
22:30to put a pillow over anybody but what they didn’t know is this is actually an
22:35anomaly that causes that to look like a plan it but here’s a pretty cool picture
22:40to you bob look at this now this area because you have a new beer right there
22:46with narrow Nibiru
22:50between Jupiter and Mars close it’s about the same signs Jupiter now any of
22:58us will see a little tiny dot showing Jupiter ok ok now supposedly one down
23:14sir our system 35 to 40 degree angle has already gone around our Sun is on its
23:22way out at this point in time so pointing to whatever their IRC don’t
23:29know if that’s what we’re seeing I am NOT expert on this so when you show
23:36something show star parents from whatever program I know well I these
23:44programs reduce liberate the screwed up on back in 2007 2008 where they actually
23:52had a part of the sky
23:56blanked out Microsoft Worldwide telescope was really bad that so was and
24:05all the other programs had seen thing so now they’re showing where things should
24:11be ok
24:15back in 1983
24:18nasa’s people said they saw something with the iris infrared satellite well
24:27beyond pluto and they said was 48 times the size of our earth and nasa finally
24:35came just sounds funny man and said no known reason goes to a news conference
24:44for this and they pulled all the stories and now all the sudden was done last
24:51year we got we won’t secret 10,000 years as between eight to ten times I’m sorry
25:07they’re all playing 16 information you knew his stuff was coming and we are
25:17seeing eight things called planets media room where moons y’all had just true
25:27colors to him and we’re seeing them in her scars they’re not the way they’re
25:39here how close we get to see all possibly in an alignment which would
25:56really play the gravitational pull these things caused at least serene for ships
26:07or the proper terms called where crystal displacement
26:13earth’s crust shifts over them and their stress is very thin crust the rest of
26:22earth and the mantle and then the inner core
26:26is under liquid like so the hard-pressed can supposedly in Serie shift over the
26:35man’s and that’s what everyone or at least Norway China have all been
26:44preparing for just a thing two continents new positions in the movie
26:512012 the new North paul was up in Wisconsin United States but it also
26:59caused a magnetic reversal which the Saints said no that’s the South Pole now
27:06all these huge cities will be ready for everything going to which is being
27:14chipped abandoned everyone’s being forcibly kept out of that’s why we’ve
27:20been putting M one abrahms battle tanks caves Norway and all the other equipment
27:29to back them up just a No Norway on the other side will be nice and warm still
27:38being frozen that’s why they built the emergency seed balls where they did just
27:46call centres flood and fire from the sky comes down just like the Bible say
27:54you’re just like her said it happened then they have all the seeds to replant
28:01everything around the planet Earth new world order now everyone is saying is
28:19gonna be a debris still swinging rights as planned
28:26couple has debris right behind it right alongside it in front of it and so
28:33should all these moon’s gravitational pull
28:37as the swing through space they drag all this stuff with him now during the exit
28:44this which was 1613 bc it were just like the Holy Bible said huge rocks falling
28:54from the skies they were destroying almost every single were hitting woes I
29:01have training said the same thing same manner jerry’s usually about 10 days
29:07when all these rocks team down as the skies so yes we will be going through a
29:15divorce will be going to use their their tail degrees now that one there to look
29:27very closely at it you can almost see stripes on it just right only 1 I’ve
29:36seen as stripes is that one was first seen over Antarctica and then my friend
29:43Sharon she take over illinois’ in very clear that looked very nice and blue
29:51skies with black stripes none of the other ones of these five or six
29:57photographs of the scene type the strikes first one which beach scene so
30:05and look how big you guys writer now some of the people down there around
30:12years they’ve actually client who’s right at sunrise and they’re both the
30:21same diameter in their skies which means whatever random wounds they were seeing
30:29was very large and was the webcams it and turning them all you just see a need
30:41to die next door soon over there on that side you can see like around . right
30:47r to deal Martin think you deal a lot of people are they know people watching and
30:55they’re looking through the webcam slipping and they’re seeing it left and
31:01right that was gone home she’s up in Washington State and she has a really
31:14fancy camera which can see into the inter red band and the next one down is
31:22where she inverted to photograph seeing that here’s our son there’s that black
31:28dot just down below its alright writer when you photograph eliminates any lens
31:39flare lens flare would eliminate just converting it that show was it very
31:49strong sing with the arrows pointing to right there and then she jumped to the
31:55enlargement just left that put it right there
32:02really nice good people out there that cameras as the program now gone whole
32:09she has had men in black
32:13check seriously check out her she’s out in the boonies and she’s actually had
32:24her future taking down several times or her internet taken as she has a really
32:31big dog dogs only seeing something in your backyard is going after it several
32:37times that she stayed with this just as I have even know what she believes is
32:47happening says that that objects and all the shots that she’s taken with the
32:55specific cameras Nikon right
32:58it’s in the same general area she claims so let’s let’s let’s begin here real
33:03quick bounce through these and see ya when you first look at that looks like
33:14just a really cool lens flare almost perfect right but then sank
33:21grass up to something where you can clearly see on the screen
33:27friends done this then suddenly the camera does different things to win you
33:34have to enlarge it that it was pretty cool now also I just wanted to throw
33:46this out there again you mean this is the article that came out that says
33:49Caltech researchers find evidence of a real night planet and they say it’s
33:53about ten times that of Earth orbits twenty times farther from the Sun and
33:57they basically say which is almost exactly what the scientists back in 1983
34:05when they’re on the show bob up and try to get these guys on the show they have
34:10got back to me and I’ve tried sending emails back to Niger maybe the board
34:18gonna or maybe they’re just told to say this much and don’t mention think
34:26further back in 1983 the same things between 48 times size of the earth and
34:36nasa new in 2009 when they leaked information that the new guru with 20
34:49astronomical units away from things you our solar system on December 21st 2012
34:58that’s why no one saw anything at the end of the Mayan calendar and
35:05astronomical stronger friends said no your gonna start seeing this December
35:11that’s when all the 3rd Graf start coming in and now one of my friends has
35:20said very clear in her stein’s by June this year now these things are larger
35:29and larger and larger in our skies yes because the orbital past the Earth’s
35:38orbiting right towards nuclear or these moons and they’re showing it clear in
35:45her studies now no matter what
35:47Central’s trying to hide it works to make people share sending in photographs
35:54like that right there showing that big striped moon and that things are just in
35:59our moon in this guy’s I want anyone he sees this to try and be prepared for it
36:09when you’re prepared you will not reach out and panic
36:16governments around the plan are actually counting on ya population will start to
36:24freak out
36:25panicked and then they’ll be overused martial law or martial law types laws
36:30against them now one of my friends to be prepared for this
36:39no ifs ands or buts if you’re prepared you have exciting chance to be a
36:46survivor now this thing is come through three times already now only those who
36:55survived were prepared for now I think I sent you when the contacts over in Japan
37:04they make these orange balls which can hold up to four people and they stay
37:14built these things after the large army they had a couple years back
37:19and I’m not trapped which this Japanese companies things if all you have this
37:26moment’s notice to get into something that was followed then this saying
37:31portholes as then it has a weight on the bottom parts won’t go rolling down but
37:41it’s a huge bowling ball I don’t know how much it costs and you think your
37:49life either by being location device or something because I’m not surprised I’m
37:58seeing numerous things showing up on Facebook now saying this is when the
38:04world and this is when the world and this is why I hate using dates just when
38:13that date doesn’t happen then I’m just a liar period no chance of its well that’s
38:20good I can only go by ancient tales what happened the other times just thinking
38:29through the hopi said that the third hopi world ended by water that was no
38:40blood ok and that happened about 12,900 something years ago changed desirous to
38:51dress to a different person now only partially during the axis is during the
39:02exodus employer said that all the stars moved to new positions in the skies
39:08since the murder of crows and say that’s a cool she repressed place
39:20prophecies that during at the end of the whole world this think also caused your
39:31Stroh tation to reverse and they’re hoping that now its end of the world it
39:42reverts back to its normal rotation I don’t know what the other Native
39:49American tribes have since very few mentioned any of this
39:55you know so I can just do is go by ancient tales from the Chinese to the
40:04Egyptians to say what happened during this last time what have you heard from
40:10the chinese Mosiah of China in this book 5 said that almost ten days
40:22trained rocks and sand from the skies there was a time of intense heat caused
40:30many force all over China and then it was time of intense cold which they
40:38couldn’t explain then they said three gods came down and the lion themselves
40:45one warlord and to punish the other warlords for not bearing down this is
40:52what they suppose they brought down on everyone that was from roughly 1,600 BC
40:59the ancient Greek island takes erupted and exploded right around 1613 BC says
41:13thirteen-year ballpark time to go from what if you were set down to what most
41:21trains that’s just too close right in there
41:27were said janyk
41:31was calling all over Egypt then when the terror which was the pics OC Fair or not
41:38Egyptian sir when the stairwell caught up with him in the saltwater Marsh these
41:48fairways troops went after the Hebrews
41:55if we’re says he used the word he earns
42:01Betws now we train train slightest thing over and over and over the years that’s
42:11where they they put down a putdown what we what I call he prefers the EWS to
42:21hate sews were a cane night people which came into Egypt during D trophy Egyptian
42:32dynasty of Egypt now Valley until the end of the seventeenth dynasty most and
42:45his brother
42:46Egyptians from Lower Egypt they hit they did so out of an Egyptian army chased
42:57the hit show’s towards what’s now jerusalem so we’re there to Exodus the
43:06hexose and he Brewers or where is your only 11 innings ancient history does not
43:18use trying wonders if they say the heat source worry change people so I’m not
43:26trying to say one of the other I’m just trying to say where each history says
43:33these people were
43:35were closed in hebrew means brother Moses setbacks the jewish ancient
43:49history that yes Moses was there with his brother and no one wants to talk
43:59that said are the muslims versus the Jewish sources the Christians riddle
44:07ozzie ancient astronaut show airs are all mentioning it now so this did happen
44:18did I have a date for it now because they actually sound and always treat or
44:27on the island of Santorini great debates of all the cash needed 82 1613 BC since
44:38you mentioned that they heard a tremendous roar when they’re near the
44:45Mediterranean in a saltwater Marsh that’s when the ancient island Sarah
44:52erupted and exploded now it’s called Sam Torrini
45:03only volcano is erupting during that time was ancient Greek island error says
45:13he will detail the entire account of when the destroyer was first seen in
45:23your skies again the interesting part is that before it was seen that kept
45:30hearing what they called 10,000 trumpets
45:35their heirs so anyone listening ears was hearing it’s weird sound what they call
45:4310,000 trumpets
45:46numerous people around this planet right now we’re hearing that weird sound in
45:54the skies from Japan China to Europe to the United States what is that we’re
46:05hearing was since I cannot hear myself I describe how was heard before putting
46:15the entire experts which I typed from the cold bring saying exactly what they
46:24were hearing and that sound did not appear until they destroy or was not
46:31being seen more which was up to about two weeks after when it came when his
46:39shit when the sheet hit the fan because named fair somewhere around fifteen
46:51states BBC and other tales said it was still dark this smoke like darkness was
47:01in the skies almost two weeks after they just disappeared it was so sick they
47:11could not light campfires was putting out torches just imagine what it was
47:18doing to their breathing also cheese and that’s what a lot of my friends on
47:24Facebook deploying up two passages from the Bible and they’re saying that this
47:31what happened then
47:34describing how dark it was or what happened this time and you actually have
47:40two counts one is shipped in ancient Egyptian soldiers from the Holy Bible
47:48I’m not knocking one or the answer being researched your I have to walk a very
47:55fine line
47:57on that sword here is the ancient chance need directions here’s the Holy Bible
48:04and the search they’d match as a carbon copy of each other parallels now with
48:16too many parallels to many people like Chris some tax upon a big corporate
48:27board from each count point towards something coming up what makes it worse
48:35satisfy the government’s all around the planet will all these deep underground
48:40military bases need basis about 2,000 G under rammed Georgia Gladstone said very
48:50clearly never let the population though both sides hundred-million again that
49:00points to a 95% depopulation the entire named read off the Georgia guides don’t
49:10really quick because you’re going through them the first one is obviously
49:15the kicker you know maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance
49:20with nature sounds good as it sounds like a good ideas as far as the balance
49:25thing goes but certainly with seven billion people were you gonna do with
49:28the other six and a half building a spaceship we can put an end to go travel
49:32the stars probably not but here let’s go to the next one
49:36guide reproduction wisely improving fitness and diversity I mean what’s
49:43wrong with that i think thats awesome you know unite humanity with a living
49:47new language now that when I could look at it as well I could certainly see how
49:51people would want to be able to understand each other better from other
49:54parts of the world yet does that mean that we all have to go to that specific
49:58language I mean could there be more detail on that let’s go to number four
50:01real passion the tradition and all things with tempered reason certainly
50:08that seems like a good idea to
50:09keep balance within your emotions as well however I could see the implement
50:14implications on both sides of that right let’s go to number five protect people
50:19and nations with their laws and just courts will certainly fair laws and just
50:24course that seems like a fantastic idea but who decides what’s fair and who
50:29comes up with what’s just and then number six let’s let all nations role
50:35internally resolving external disputes in a world court ruled that sounds like
50:43a lot like the one world government right there and there will be one
50:48well you know what I think there are two years I mean certainly you’ve got
50:51multiple governments yet at the very top levels even when you talk to people that
50:55are very high up in politics and corporations and you asked him hey do
51:00you really think that there’s a possibility that we’re going to go to
51:02war with China or their threat no absolutely not because they want to play
51:06ball just like we do because we’re all a part of this world wide web game this
51:10right wide economy and what they’re more worried about our people that are gonna
51:15go off-road and do things independently you know people that actually have the
51:18skills like retired veterans and such that didn’t like to be used as guinea
51:22pigs and wars and lied to and injected with experimental vaccines that had
51:27horrible poisons in a min they’re pretty upset about it those the people I think
51:31that the Super elitists that are running things are worried about most because
51:36they’ve actually been trained to do things now let’s go to number seven
51:42avoid any laws and useless officials will hey guys let’s do that as the
51:49number one agenda avoid petty laws and useless officials that would take away
51:53about 99% of the rules and regulations out there right now in my opinion
51:59balance personal rights with social duties well what do you mean by balance
52:04personal rights and what are your social duties I’m not sure about that
52:08prize truth is an overnight price truth beauty love seeking harmony with the
52:13internet I mean to you that sounds like the the key to the kingdom right there
52:18if if truth is genuine at beauty love
52:21and the harmony with the incident divine providence I mean that’s that sounds
52:26fantastic yet who is their infant who was there are many that they want to
52:31have with and then number ten be not a cancer of the earth
52:36leave room for nature leave room for a major now once again I think that’s a
52:42good idea I mean certainly a lot of people are very wasteful and if you look
52:46at a lot of the damage we’ve done to the earth it’s because of corporate aqua sea
52:51and this overzealous thinking of we can just consume consume consume a night you
52:56back I mean if we keep going the way that we are gonna be like for our great
53:00great great grandchildren you know so I mean we gotta think about those
53:05opportunities however I feel that those technologies already exists bob and
53:09they’re being suppressed by those that don’t want that information out there i
53:13mean here’s another thing
53:14ladies and gentlemen think about this if you had free energy how much more
53:20control with that give you if you didn’t have to rely on utility companies to
53:26provide power for your appliances your heat and everything else that you do
53:31that needs power it would certainly give you a lot more freedoms me think about
53:34the ways you could drive and get from point A to point B let’s look at the
53:39military applications if there’s free energy just think of what certain tanks
53:44and other weapons or automobiles or airplanes or jets could be doing without
53:51having to refuel every certain amount of my life changed the entire globe so all
53:58these things sound great
54:00it just seems except the first one obviously and there’s someone’s in there
54:04that make you go but what we need to do is just be aware of what’s going on and
54:09that’s why it’s great that bob you’ve got such an awesome network on your
54:12Facebook Page Robert H evans junior you guys have information about plan an
54:17exodus binary star system please send it into bob because he will make sure to
54:21get back to you and you just got an entire network now an armada of people
54:25that are working together trying to expose information so I appreciate
54:30everybody join us tonight here at the week project it’s been great having you
54:33all here with us make sure to subscribe
54:35tribe to our YouTube channel youtube.com / clandestine Time Lord we do these
54:39shows for free we don’t charge for memberships and appreciate everything
54:43you do folks make sure to stay safe be the change you want to see this is Rex
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Mise à Jour – Ben Garneau – La Planète X description – les effets et les mesures prises – Nibiru les Catastrophes Naturelles et le Déplacement des Pôles. _ 23_05_2016.


URGENT _ RED ALERT!!! _ AUGUST 2016 is when PLANET-X NIBIRU will pass to Earth _ NIBIRU is near and will SHAKE the EARTH at AUGUST 2016. __ 18_05_2016.      






Mise à Jour – Ben Garneau – La Planète X description – les effets et les mesures prises – Nibiru les Catastrophes Naturelles et le Déplacement des Pôles. _ 23_05_2016.



Mise à Jour – Ben Garneau – La Planète X description – les effets et les mesures prises – Nibiru les Catastrophes Naturelles et le Déplacement des Pôles. _ 23_05_2016.


Nibiru les Catastrophes Naturelles et le Déplacement des Pôles

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La Planète X description , les effets et les mesures prises

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La Planète X – description , les effets et les mesures prises
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BREAKING NEWS: New Study Shows Mantle Plume Movement Occurs More Rapidly Affecting Oceans and Climate

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URGENT _ RED ALERT!!! _ AUGUST 2016 is when PLANET-X NIBIRU will pass to Earth _ NIBIRU is near and will SHAKE the EARTH at AUGUST 2016. __ 18_05_2016.