MANIFESTANTS Anti Donald Trump Live – Tir à Seattle WA 09/11/2016 – Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US – Elites Orchestrating Riots – Elites Orchestrant des Emeutes – Seattle gunman shot 5 people _ 09_11_2016.




MANIFESTANTS Anti Donald Trump Live – Tir à Seattle WA 09/11/2016 – Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US – Elites Orchestrating Riots – Elites Orchestrant des Emeutes – Seattle gunman shot 5 people _ 09_11_2016.


Elites Opérations Psychologiques Orchestrant des Emeutes

BREAKING: Soros Orders Attack On Trump Tower, MASSIVE Riots In Chicago

Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US

Seattle police search for gunman who shot 5 people after argument


Elites Opérations Psychologiques Orchestrant des Emeutes

Opérations Psychologiques pré-planifiées sur le Peuple Américain

Id Fausses Manifestations dites ‘Pacifiques’ de Benghazi montées par le Gouvernement Obama

Administration Obama Hillary Soros Essaient d’Obtenir les Gens à l’Emeute

De Mettre en Œuvre le Nouvel Ordre Mondial

Les Manifestants Anti Trump pour Austin transportés par autobus Texas 

Anti Trump Protesters Bused in To Austin Texas

Israeli News Live 

Ajoutée le 10 nov. 2016

Anti Trump Protesters Bused in To Austin Texas. and who says this is not a Psyop? Americans must refrain from going out to the streets. do not be a part of these riots.
Jana’s channel…
Eric Tucker bused

Opération Psychologique In The Making – Elites Orchestrer Riots
Psychological Operation In The Making – Elites Orchestrating Riots


MANIFESTANTS Anti Donald Trump Live – Tir à Seattle WA 09/11/2016

Anti Donald Trump PROTESTERS Live – Shooting in Seattle WA 11/9/2016

Diffusé en direct il y a 12 heures

Anti Donald Trump PROTESTS Live – Shooting in Seattle WA 11/9/2016

2 of them with life-threatening injuries, following report of shooting in downtown Seattle


Massive Anti-Trump Protests, Union Square NYC Live Stream





Seattle police search for gunman who shot 5 people after argument

Suspect opens fire on group of people outside convenience store after an argumentNOW PLAYING

Manhunt for gunman after five shot in Seattle

Authorities in Seattle were searching for a gunman Thursday who opened fire on a group of people outside a convenience store after an argument, wounding five people.

Seattle Assistant Police Chief Robert Merner said four men and a woman were hurt outside a 7-Eleven near a busy bus stop.

« There was some type of argument that took place, a suspect walked away and then fired into crowd striking those individuals, » Merner said.

All victims were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg said the condition of one woman and two men improved from serious to satisfactory conditions. The two other men remained in critical but stable condition in intensive care.

More on this…

  • Thousands take to streets in major cities to protest Trump election

  • State case in black motorist shooting enters sixth day

  • Killing that sparked boy to ‘divorce’ his dad going to court

The five people who were shot range in age from 20s to 50s and sustained injuries to their legs, chest and neck, Gregg said.

Authorities were searching for and trying to identify the gunman who ran from the scene, Merner said. Streets in the area were closed while police investigated and interviewed witnesses.

Merner said officers didn’t believe the incident was related to anti-Trump protests happening near the area at the time.

« As far as we know, it seems to be a personal argument, » he said.

Members of the police’s gang unit and homicide unit were assisting in the investigation, according to Q13 Fox.

The manager of the 7-Eleven, Sharon Keith, told reporters she heard what sounded like firecrackers and told everyone to get down while she went to lock the door.

She said she could see multiple people on the ground outside afterward.

« How do you describe that, there were multiple people down, a lot of blood, » she said, her voice breaking.

Police were also investigating an exchange of gunfire earlier in the day in Seattle that wounded two men.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said in a statement Wednesday night that he was thankful all the victims were alive and receiving treatment.

« Seattle Police do not currently believe the shootings are linked, nor do they believe there is any tie to tonight’s march, » Murray said. « However, gun violence remains an epidemic in our country that we must work to address in any way we can. Today’s shootings are a reminder of how much work we have left to do. »

The Associated Press contributed to this report.



Nationwide anti-Trump protests rock the US LIVE UPDATES

Thousands across major US cities have been protesting the election of Donald Trump as the 45th US president. Demonstrators reportedly burned flags and smashed store windows. Dozens of arrests have been made following the rallies.

RT Gallery: Anti-Trump protests held across the US




Chaos In The Streets

Let’s call it “the calm between the storms.”

I’m talking about the lull of controversy that lasts for about a day between the results of a presidential election and the next flap of outrage from the losers.

Donald Trump was declared the next President Elect at around 2 AM Tuesday night. For the next twelve hours, the news shows and editorial columns of American media were filled with soothing talk about why the pundits misread the polls, how Trump had turned into a very good candidate by the end of the race, the beauty of a “peaceful transition of power” in American democracy, and the need for unity instead of sucking on sour lemons.

But, just as any illness gets worse at night, so we are seeing an end to “the calm between the storms” as the old fever of anti-Trump rage breaks out again in numerous urban hot spots.

In Chicago, for example, thousands of angry anti-Trumpers have been marching on Trump Tower there. Why? Well, don’t ask me. Remember, until last night, it was the Republicans, led by Trump himself, who were unwilling to accept the outcome of a free and fair election. Now, though, the winning Republican camp is extending olive branches to its former opponents, while the worst of the Democratic hordes are trying to intimidate President Elect Trump and anyone publicly associated with him.

We’re seeing the same kind of immature chaos boil over in New York as well, with on-site comments that the same antidemocratic unrest is cropping up in Austin, Portland, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as some southern border towns. Since I am not able to confirm all of these reports right now, you can see for yourself what it’s like in a confirmed site like New York.

In one sense, it’s kind of inspiring to imagine that “America’s young voters” are organizing themselves to continue an open, democratic debate. Unfortunately, though, this year has taught in no uncertain terms that so-called “popular protests” like Black Lives Matter are far more than mere “coincidences.” In fact, BLM protests and virtually all anti-Trump unrest in the past year, if not longer, is driven by wealthy rootless cosmopolitans like George Soros.

In a nutshell, now that Soros and Friends have lost another shot at controlling America via the White House, the globalists are going for broke with the bird dogging and BLM unrest. The immediate goal is to tar Trump’s presidency as a kind of “neofascism” before he even takes office. Ultimately, the goal is to make America so unstable and violent that Obama would have to order martial law or permit the U.N. to squash supposedly Trump-based violence.

This is why we must take all “popular uprisings” like we’re seeing in Chicago and New York with a very large grain of salt.

Meanwhile, now that the election is over, what can we do about it?

First, keep your eyes open. Be aware of your surroundings. If you’re in an urban area, give yourself at least two escape options by foot, car, or mass transit. If you’re a more secluded area, watch out for “rogue” anti-Trumper attacks from angry youths or, believable it or not, gangs with mobile phones to document their antics for a paid bounty.

Second, try to explain to anti-Trump people you personally know why he’s not “literally Hitler,” and how many of his positions actually line up with, say, Bernie Sanders’s platform (at least on trade and immigration reform).

Third, share this article to inform and encourage your friends and family! Just as Rome was not built in a day so we can’t Make America Great Again in one night, nor even a single month. In other words, be prepared to see more of the same social unrest and liberal immaturity. Do what you can to support your family and improve your community.

President Trump is counting on us to pull our own weight.

BREAKING: Soros Orders Attack On Trump Tower, MASSIVE Riots In Chicago



Nationwide anti-Donald Trump protests marked by arrests, vandalism (VIDEO)

Thousands across the US in major cities are protesting the election of Donald Trump. Hundreds in Union Square in Manhattan, New York are showing their opposition, with women chanting, “P***y grabs back!” There were also reports of flag burnings, vandalism and arrests.

Protests are taking place coast to coast, with demonstrations reported in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, DC, Austin, Boston and Chicago. The large crowds have mostly remained peaceful.


The New York City demonstrators, who appear to generally be younger voters of all races, made their way to Trump Tower. Along the way, « Not my president » and « F*** Trump » chants were heard, as were calls against excessive use of force by police, as people shouted, “from Ferguson to NYC, end police brutality.”

At 14th and Broadway in New York City, a video was projected onto a wall, showing Trump with the words « narcissist, » « conman » and « 1%er. »

The issue of abortion was also raised, with women calling out, « my body, my choice! » and men responding, « her body, her choice! »

A flag burning was witnessed in front of Trump Tower in New York City.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) has started using Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) to force the protesters to disperse. Protesters are in the process of trying to walk up to Trump Tower on 5th Avenue and 57th Street from 14th Street Union Square.

The protests have shut down Manhattan’s 5th Avenue while the protesters make their way uptown towards Trump Tower.

Protesters in New York City revived an old favorite attack on Trump’s hands which emerged during his road to the presidency. They joined in chants of “can’t build a wall, hands too small!”

NYPD requesting arrest wagons at the Trump Tower

Update; 16 arrests made so far at the anti-Trump protest in Manhattan.

View image on Twitter



A scuffle during the NYC protests was quashed when protesters removed the agitator while others chanted, “peaceful protest!”

The agitator allegedly threw glass bottles at police officers when he was grabbed by peaceful protesters and brought to the police. NYPD allegedly responded with « high force, » according to one protester who claimed that police then pushed a security gate into the protesters, forcing them into each other.

While the NYPD has not released a number, there are reports on social media of as many as 16 arrests.

According to protesters at the scene, streets have been blocked off by police, forcing latecomers to walk about half a mile (0.8 km) from the nearest subway station.


RT’s Alexander Rubinstein caught video of a march in Washington, DC. At the Trump International Hotel in DC, protesters splattered the outside walls with blue paint.

There was also another flag burning in DC.


At City Hall in downtown Los Angeles, protesters lit an effigy of Trump on fire.


READ MORE: Anti-Trump crowd smashes windows & police cruiser in streets of Oakland (VIDEO)

In Oakland, California, Jenna Lyons of the San Francisco Chronicle reported tear gas being fired into the protest.

Lyons also reported a « stick of fire » being thrown at police, as well as a suitcase and cardboard being set on fire.


Blake McCoy of NBC News reported that protesters in Chicago got on top of a public bus while Chicago Transit Authority employees were still inside. The bus had a flat tire, and eventually police cleared the area.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Protesters now off top of Chicago bus. Two CTA employees inside. Flat tire. Police now keeping people away.



Other buses and bus stops in the area were spray-painted to read « F*** Trump. »






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