WSO BREAKING STORY – Is There an Artificial SUN? Science Weighs IN! _ 18_08_2016. ARTIFICIAL FAKE SUN PATENTED BY NASA _ 18_08_2016.




WSO BREAKING STORY – Is There an Artificial SUN? Science Weighs IN! _ 18_08_2016.





Réveilles toi!!! des années qu’on te le chante. … …

comme Matthew Rogers on lui dit que son truc fait partie du dispositif ‘cloaking’ – il se peut que la Lune soit dedans.  … mais. … si statique !!! suspect !!! …  Nibiru system 18th August 2016 – Matthew Rogers – _ 18_08_2016. 


WSO BREAKING STORY – Y at-il un Soleil Artificiel? La Science Pèse!

WSO BREAKING STORY – Is There an Artificial SUN? Science Weighs IN!

Steve Olson 



Anglais (Sous-titres automatiques)
0:00everybody arm it is August eighteenth 2016 this is skee balls with wso and
0:08Wayne steiger our guests for the week has been helping us on solving chemistry
0:13halloween are you doing Steve I’m doing really well so just to give a little bit
0:18of background for the audience we have been spending a lot of time thinking and
0:22looking at the Sun and looking and thinking about why certain phenomenon
0:27are being seen from the sky and from the ground and from cameras and from other
0:31devices that are observing the song we think we may have linked together some
0:36things that are very interesting for everyone’s consideration
0:39stay tuned to all the way to the end because we will also have probably what
0:44we think is some of the most earth-shattering I news on the number or
0:50subject maybe ever
0:52I know that sounds arrogant but I didn’t mean it that way what’s going on
0:56well Steve you and I and others others in the community on have for the longest
1:03time years in my case I’ve been trying to figure out what is going on here
1:13you and I have speculated on many programs together the audience knows
1:17that that we feel that there is an artificial Sun in our skies now we’ve
1:26got ready killed on that we’ve also have said that we also believe that there is
1:32a shield
1:35well Steve we now have hard scientific evidence that now proves this and steve
1:43i think the challenge needs to be put out to the international community
1:47because this of this affects all mankind
1:52we know that the technology now exists we also now that we’ve caught them and
1:58we’ve got them on if this was in a court of law
2:02this is a gun case i challenge NASA or the ESA of the Russians the Chinese to
2:11come forward and please explain to
2:13us why is there a necessity for an artificial Sun and for shield and steve
2:18i’m going to show you some of the visuals but you have got the scientific
2:23paper that now i believe shows what we are seeing the question is why
2:29so Steve as we saw yesterday this is probably one we know is the shield now
2:36we know that this is most likely an artificial Sun are they do change the
2:42two up so let me just show this and by the way Steve we’re going to explain to
2:49the audience why you’re seen x agon lens flares because we’re going to show you
2:56that it’s impossible for the camera off the International Space Station to be
3:02producing and x optical lens flare
3:06ok so Steve as you see here we took this out and we just inverted the light and
3:12so what you’re getting here now if there wasn’t a substance here you would see
3:17this so that we know this is an artificial structure what we don’t know
3:23is what it in the center is this in what you’re going to show is technology by
3:28the way people are going to learn today is very old technology in one aspect
3:33very new technology and another well what is this
3:37so let’s continue so as we can see in different lights and different filters
3:43are artificial device remains constant are hexagonal lens flares look at him
3:50Steve it’s not just one sir its multiple and the thing about it is you’re kidding
3:58hexagon hexagonal lens flares inside a lens flares of the lens flare that can’t
4:04happen but unless and you and I now know and the world’s about to know what it is
4:12they have been showing us so let’s continue
4:19here we also see and we will be explaining as well this is an actual
4:27plasma reaction we now know from several sources scientific sources that what
4:36we’re actually seeing here is the result of a discharge between two objects in
4:41the background planet or stars it could be the son or the fakes on or any other
4:49object of a celestial nature interacting and this is what we’re seeing that is
4:55clearly a plasma reaction i challenge anyone to come up with another possible
5:00explanation state it’s just we now know we’ve got them yeah and again we’re open
5:07to uh you know enhanced knowledge or maybe uncovering something you know
5:12again what we want is maybe this is the time that everybody know that the
5:16governments of the world come clean and tell us what’s going on and that’s what
5:19we’re hoping for Steve this is why this camera cannot produce and hexagonal lens
5:27where’s that there’s the camera right there folks you can see it it’s being in
5:32the reflection from the lex and from whatever this device is maybe the real
5:37son of this one it’s hard to say they play but i don’t think so Steve I think
5:41this is our fakes on because here folks is the signature we now know how we can
5:47identify when they’re showing us this artificial Sun Steve I have one other
5:53quick little our video for everyone here
5:58and it’s this one right here we also now know that the flickering lights that we
6:05have seen that some have speculated could be the camera could be uh a
6:11malfunction folks this is more evidence and again ladies and gentlemen
6:17anytime you see this hexagonal player right here this is the artificial Sun
6:24only an artificial Sun because this is not looking at the Sun Steve this is
6:30actually taking a picture off the reflection of the ISS so it’s merely
6:34taking a picture from what’s being shown this friends is a pulsating take sun by
6:42the way the patents are out there the patents were issued to Bosh alam we know
6:47this and Steve you’re going to be having the science here so once again my friend
6:52we now have caught them and here you go folks
6:55anytime you see this and by the way if you’re catching this on the ground now
7:01you know why
7:02so Steve I’m going to turn this over to you my friend and allow you now too
7:09um I think I’m doing this right so you are no did I and you still got me right
7:18yeah out see I have the power remember I could tell that right you got the power
7:22haha i right let’s do this let’s not blow this up first and then so it’s
7:29easier for people to read
7:31yep alright so here’s the explanation that we’ve been given by our sources
7:36number one artificial sunlight figure 1 shows the array of accidental reflectors
7:42used in construction of some simulators this is a small-scale son simulator NASA
7:47built and assembled a large scale one in space is using its high planets and
7:51stars in the solar system i know that’s a bold statement but that’s what that’s
7:55what engineers are telling us
7:56Steve I think we’ll put the challenge out to NASA if they want to come back
8:00and refute on the science were open to see it
8:03yeah and again we’re willing to be corrected on it there but given the way
8:08that the the air and the NOAA a
8:11manipulated the all the atmospheric and meteorological scientists to claim that
8:17chemtrails weren’t real
8:19I mean I think we’ll know what responses but anytime you go figure 1 down here so
8:24this is a you know this is a an example of how someone might construct such
8:28advice and again you show that the Sun simulator light source arrangements made
8:33of a high-powered lamp and the concave mirror so basically it goes bounces
8:37backwards into that concave mirror made up of the lamps and cooling some
8:42mechanism eccentric cetera all of the light rays coming off the lamp are
8:46directed forward as the reflect reflect reflect all the ways that are incident
8:51on it along a horizontal direction now what we want to first
8:55the next thing you want to notice with the Sun simulator wing is the shape of
8:59the aperture in the middle in the end what is being used as the concave mirror
9:04behind you can you can you enlarge that absolutely thank you i mean no no I mean
9:09they document itself you’ve got three other pictures on the your scroll I’m
9:14sorry yep so probably just get here we go there you go that makes it a little
9:17easier for me
9:18so anyway the first thing i wanted to point out is the shape of the mirror
9:23assembly and the center aperture assembly
9:26yes it’s a hexagon and that would go in with what we’re seeing off the ISS
9:35particularly when this is fired up right to be directed now maybe that shield is
9:44a device that’s focal focusing the light I don’t know but this is a good
9:49explanation of well again it’s a plausible theory of why we’re seeing the
9:54phenomenon that we are observing we’re not trying to arm you know again we’re
9:58not we’re not trying to say the sky is falling but we think it’s interesting if
10:02they have the technology and the scale available to to either enhance some
10:06light or to move some white or to you know to simulate some milk sunlight we’d
10:12like to know about it because apparently we’re paying for it
10:16apparently we’re all paying for it right and we’ve got a debt around each of our
10:22our necks right now that’s uh
10:24you know let’s just say it’s it’s it’s an enormous that I think what 65,000 uh
10:30dollars per every man woman and child in the united states anyway so figure 3
10:37this array and the back of the Sun simulator device is made up of hexagonal
10:40ship com cave reflectors mounted on a disk and that was what we’re just
10:43looking at precisely so figure 4 shows the whole Sun simulation device from the
10:51side at the back we have a flat disk with Lance reflectors mounted on in
10:56front of practice and lamps this is this figure so basically at the front of
11:03devices this mirror the orange arrows represent the light rays coming off the
11:06lamps the reflective reflectors mounted on the flat discs are in the back the
11:11blue and green rays illustrate what happens to the light coming from the
11:15back disc the blu-ray demonstrates will happen like departing from somewhere
11:19between the center and edge of the back disks the green arrow illustrates what
11:23happens to array departing from the outer edge of the flat disk on
11:27believable and you know what we’re seeing that in space and we also see
11:34this might explain why we see certain types of colors at different times and
11:39different angles of the Sun or its enhancer will call it
11:45it also explains to me Steve very logically why i have recorded and others
11:51have as well to separate life sources reflecting off the Earth’s atmosphere
11:59I think we now know that when we see a large general dispersion of light that’s
12:06most likely are real son
12:08it’s the focal like that we’re seeing that now i believe is in fact this
12:13artificial Sun and folks I don’t know how long they’ve been doing this but
12:17they’ve been doing it obviously for a while
12:21correct and then the second thing is on there is in figure 5 the direction of
12:26the light rays reflected from the front convex mirror and overall outline of the
12:29Sun simulator is viewed from the front and that explains exactly what why I
12:34think we can see two separate light sources reflecting
12:38the Earth’s atmosphere correct and that’s why I also i think that it might
12:43have something to do with the color of the Sun itself as well or the color of
12:46those are our rainbows the red ones
12:50yep yeah because the other thing that I think was interesting about the videos
12:55that you show on the ISS is when it turns red
12:58yes my theory on that is that’s that’s what sunlight really looks like right
13:03now I think that’s in fact probably a very good hypothesis I really do and I
13:09happen to agree with you I think that arm dust whether it’s a space dust or
13:17dust on the earth is still going to have similar type properties right also a
13:21dust storm I can be in a much more denser part of that storm then let’s say
13:27if you were you know half a mile away where you would be getting minor to you
13:33know virtually no effect at all right so I’ll let the audience just read this i
13:39want more you read the read the you know stop it and take a look at the paper on
13:44you know that we’ve compiled together and here are just a couple other
13:48photographs that I think are interesting
13:50the first one is this one from august $YEAR 14 i just went back and up a
13:54couple photographs Wayne where i saw the hexagon son
13:57there we go magnet mention for this hexagon is the result of a huge Sun disc
14:04there’s and that’s why I also we have the black . because that’s there really
14:08is no light coming from that black dot the black that is actually going to be
14:12the reflector reflecting the light back into the the UH lens or the mirror
14:19assembly sorry
14:20thank you Steve because you know i’m going to plead on ignorance on this when
14:24I have seen for the last 23 years the cameras that show the black . the center
14:32and i have read that well that’s just the way the lens just working to protect
14:36you know what I don’t have a camera like that in it all in
14:40I don’t know any of my friends or professionals that have a camera that
14:43does that but I think I now know what could be potentially a camera could be
14:48potentially picking up and that also
14:52include some of the weird lens flesh yes
14:55so this almost matches uh what our engineering squad looked at and said is
15:01what could do what the device could look like
15:05yes and stay by the way the reason why we’re going down this particular path is
15:14that we are beginning to find anecdotal evidence that is now beginning to
15:21support what many of us have been suspecting and that’s what happens NASA
15:27is that when you give smart people access to the tools we could be on your
15:32team as well the point is I believe we are back figuring this out
15:38thank you to have anything happens to Stephen I yeah well there you go
15:45so when we say that we’re calling our government and so forth were doing in
15:49the in the most peaceful loving way we really just want to know the truth also
15:53expect what fact what what you know give us a weather report on this tell us
15:58what’s going to happen because really we don’t know what’s going to happen we
16:01just know that something is being hidden
16:05and then here again just to further illustrate Wayne this is a is
16:11photographed and I’m trying to get my little menu to get out of my way so I
16:15can actually play with this photograph so let me guess they seem to be over the
16:20Arctic Ocean southern indian ocean in the middle of that is that what is that
16:27the daytime
16:28yxine all right here we go there you ok there we go okay thank you
16:37here is the interesting part of it is this
16:41look at that we added a flammable same side of the Sun is where we saw those
16:44sucky images that was what this particular person wanted to point out
16:48i’m not so sure if thats says much what I do what I do know is I’ve got a bunch
16:53of hexagons yeah yeah that’s all you know Steve I just don’t I have not seen
17:04another explanation sir that I think for me as a curious homo sapien on
17:16something’s going on there we go let’s just let the audience decide okay we’re
17:23going to present the stuff to the best we can but today we caught this where
17:28this is what were theorizing this little bat right here is again I’ll blow back
17:33here so you can see the idea we only cut out that one section about one of the
17:37cams but basically what was interesting about this is Wayne had showed us
17:41yesterday this interesting plasma whatever was going on we remember that
17:47yes sir I do and then and then a subscriber today sent a picture today
17:52that showed a similar anomaly from the ground camera look at that similarities
17:58are very they are
18:00I know but anyway this is what we are theorizing is is is potentially another
18:06star and there’s that up
18:10red yellow green flare type thing I you know more close-up . you know I look at
18:18that and as a photographer I look at that and I marvel because i’m seeing an
18:25intense light refraction in that is intense light brother and it’s very
18:32separated in the light spectrum
18:34wow I yea I think this let’s do a cut with feedback below again we’re in the
18:43most peaceful when he trying to you know non-violently trying to just get to the
18:48truth and we appreciated by the way I want to thank everybody for all the
18:52support that out points for trying notes letters donations
18:56it was overwhelming Wayne how this how my I this audience the subscribers has
19:02supported us and mean more me because it’s my thing but at the end of the day
19:07it’s really all of our thing because we have all chipped in contributions ideas
19:16the wildest ideas were open to everything right and we try to sift
19:20through sit through and we just keep sifting and fifty and this is what
19:23happens when smart people get together Wayne and work as a team to solve a
19:27problem and now there are almost 50,000 of us that can say that at least we know
19:32what’s going on last word i have for you guys tonight and then I’m gonna let
19:36everybody go when I’m and let’s just end with this behind
19:40I was talking to one of the group leaders today and I and by the way we
19:45have to cut off all groups right now for a period of time on were just
19:50we have to sort through what we’ve got right now make sure everything is
19:53connected together we’ll have the group input line but the second thing is the
19:57whole uh James madinat wso the whole wso worldwide is is we don’t know if
20:05it’s compromised or not so rather than taking a chance we’re just going to ask
20:09everybody not to use it on and not send anything to it and just need that at
20:13that now here’s last thought so I’m talking to this group leader and we’re
20:17we’re having a conversation and and he was actually talking to his group on a
20:22conference call wayne and he sent
20:24the recording of it and again we don’t want to know we’re not necess we’re not
20:28trying to central control groups or anything like that this is just us we
20:31made the connection like a dating service and now we’re just letting
20:34people know relationships that’s what’s happening and he said into in that in
20:39that in that speech it was so profound when he said when the start showing up
20:45in the sky people are it’s on the news and everybody’s just freaking out
20:49the only thing you can hope for it because we’re going to be scared to is
20:54the only difference between us and the masses is were we can have a plan
20:59yeah yeah so if you the only the best thing you can do is to plan and this
21:06good this message never you don’t need a group or anything like that the plan how
21:09you’re going to if things start to break loose and things start to happen have a
21:14plan together have a 24-hour emergency have a meeting place for all your
21:17friends and family have a common on you know a cell phone that everybody calls
21:22are all free or any number of ways that you can make sure that you have a plan
21:25prior to a catastrophic forsake me that and that’s all wso is saying that’s good
21:32advice that even NASA gave to its employees in October win
21:36yeah well Steve also assist it goes with common sense i mean most families do not
21:42do this but Steve it is recommended that most families at least twice a year do
21:47fire drills in their own home right and we’re just saying have a plan don’t be
21:53caught flat-footed it thinks if water supply grid all those things started
21:57just what will you do think of it when you’re calm right now
22:01kitchen table cup of coffee with your family just think about what
22:04what’s the plan if something goes down like in Louisiana think of it that way
22:07Louisiana I’m sure that a lot of folks not Louisiana to compare the people at a
22:12plan for someone that didn’t have a plan
22:14the people that did have planned probably have a lot of family members
22:17that work freaking out a day state it’s the one guy and Lucia that went down and
22:22bought that at one of the aquatic damn i think he paid $1,500 for came here and
22:31for some reason he had enough sense that when he saw the rain coming filled it up
22:35and guess what
22:38his neighbors got flooded he was sitting high and dry
22:42there you go so ready let’s get this important story up and thank you again
22:47waiting for helping us to put the pieces together
22:49partnering with the Wayne spider youtube channel this is WSOC balls and signing
22:53off gosh this is interesting stuff guys

Ajoutée le 18 août 2016

Anglais (Sous-titres automatiques)
0:00bras tout le monde, il est Août 2016 xviii c’est balles Skee avec wso et
0:08Wayne Steiger nos invités pour la semaine nous a aidés à résoudre la chimie
0:13Halloween tu fais Steve que je fais vraiment bien si juste pour donner un peu
0:18de fond pour le public, nous avons passé beaucoup de temps à penser et
0:22en regardant le Soleil et la recherche et la réflexion sur la raison pour laquelle certains phénomènes
0:27sont vu du ciel et de la terre et par des caméras et d’autres
0:31dispositifs qui observent la chanson nous pensons que nous pouvons avoir reliés entre eux une certaine
0:36des choses qui sont très intéressants pour l’examen de tout le monde
0:39restez à l’écoute pour tout le chemin à la fin parce que nous aurons aussi probablement ce que
0:44nous pensons est l’une des plus fracassantes I nouvelles sur le nombre ou
0:50sous réserve peut-être jamais
0:52Je sais que cela semble arrogante mais je ne veut pas dire de cette façon ce qui se passe
0:56bien Steve vous et moi et d’autres autres dans la communauté sur have pour le plus long
1:03années de temps dans mon cas, j’ont essayé de comprendre ce qui se passe ici
1:13vous et moi avons spéculé sur de nombreux programmes ainsi que le public sait
1:17que nous pensons qu’il ya un soleil artificiel dans nos cieux maintenant, nous avons
1:26se prépara tués que nous avons aussi avons dit que nous pensons également qu’il est
1:32un bouclier
1:35et Steve nous avons maintenant des preuves scientifiques solides qui prouve maintenant cela et steve
1:43je pense que doit être mis à la communauté internationale le défi
1:47parce que cela de ce qui affecte l’humanité tout entière
1:52nous savons que la technologie que nous existe maintenant aussi maintenant que nous les avons pris et
1:58nous les avons sur si cela était dans une cour de justice
2:02ceci est un cas des armes à feu i défie la NASA ou l’ESA des Russes les Chinois
2:11se présenter et s’il vous plaît expliquer
2:13nous pourquoi il est une nécessité pour un soleil artificiel et bouclier et steve
2:18je vais vous montrer quelques-uns des visuels mais vous avez obtenu le scientifique
2:23papier que maintenant je crois montre ce que nous voyons la question est pourquoi
2:29de sorte que Steve nous avons vu hier ce qui est probablement celui que nous connaissons est le bouclier maintenant
2:36nous savons que cela est très probablement un soleil artificiel sont-ils le font changer la
2:42deux vers le haut alors laissez-moi juste montrer cela et par la façon dont Steve nous allons expliquer à
2:49le public pourquoi vous vu x lens flares de agôn parce que nous allons vous montrer
2:56qu’il est impossible pour l’appareil photo de la Station spatiale internationale à être
3:02produisant et x objectif flare optique
3:06ok donc Steve que vous voyez ici, nous avons pris cela et nous avons juste inversé la lumière et
3:12donc ce que vous obtenez ici maintenant, s’il n’y avait pas une substance ici, vous verriez
3:17cela afin que nous savons que c’est une structure artificielle que nous ne savons pas
3:23est ce que dans le centre est présent dans ce que vous allez montrer est la technologie par
3:28la façon dont les gens vont apprendre aujourd’hui est très ancienne technologie dans un aspect
3:33technologie très nouvelle et un autre bien quelle est cette
3:37donc nous allons continuer de façon que nous pouvons voir dans les différentes lumières et différents filtres
3:43sont un dispositif artificiel reste constant sont des halos hexagonales le regarder
3:50Steve il est pas seulement un monsieur ses multiples et la chose à ce sujet est que vous plaisantez
3:58lens flares hexagonal hexagonal à l’intérieur d’une lentille fusées du lens flare qui ne peuvent pas
4:04se produire, mais à moins que vous et je sais maintenant et tout le monde sur le point de savoir ce qu’il est
4:12ils ont été nous montrent donc nous allons continuer
4:19nous voyons ici aussi et nous expliquerons ainsi ceci est un réel
4:27réaction à plasma, nous savons maintenant à partir de plusieurs sources sources scientifiques que ce
4:36nous voyons ici en fait est le résultat d’une décharge entre deux objets
4:41la planète de fond ou des étoiles, il pourrait être le fils ou les contrefaçons sur ou tout autre
4:49objet d’une nature céleste interaction et ceci est ce que nous voyons est que
4:55clairement une réaction de plasma Je défie quiconque de venir avec une autre possible
5:00état de l’explication, il est juste que nous savons maintenant que nous les avons ouais et encore, nous sommes ouverts
5:07euh, vous savez la connaissance améliorée ou peut-être découvrir quelque chose que vous savez
5:12encore une fois ce que nous voulons est peut-être le moment est que tout le monde sait que le
5:16les gouvernements du monde entier viennent propre et nous disent ce qui se passe et c’est ce
5:19nous espérons pour Steve cela est la raison pour laquelle cet appareil ne peut pas produire et lentille hexagonale
5:27où est qu’il ya la caméra là des gens que vous pouvez le voir, il est d’être en
5:32la réflexion de la lex et de tout ce qui ce dispositif est peut-être la vraie
5:37fils de celui-ci, il est difficile de dire qu’ils jouent, mais je ne pense pas Steve Je pense
5:41ce sont nos faux sur parce qu’ici les gens est la signature que nous savons maintenant comment nous pouvons
5:47identifier quand ils sont en nous montrant ce artificielle Sun Steve J’ai une autre
5:53rapide peu notre vidéo pour tout le monde ici
5:58et il est celui-là ici, nous savons aussi que les lumières clignotantes que nous
6:05ont vu que certains ont spéculé pourrait être l’appareil photo pourrait être uh un
6:11les gens de dysfonctionnement est présent plus de preuves et encore Mesdames et Messieurs
6:17quand vous voyez ce joueur hexagonal ici c’est le Soleil artificiel
6:24seulement un soleil artificiel parce que cela ne regarde pas le soleil Steve cela est
6:30en fait de prendre une photo de la réflexion de l’ISS de sorte qu’il est simplement
6:34prendre une photo de ce qui est montré cette amis est une pulsation prendre le soleil par
6:42la façon dont les brevets sont là les brevets ont été délivrés à Bosh alam nous savons
6:47cela et Steve vous allez être avoir la science de ici, donc encore une fois mon ami
6:52nous les avons maintenant pris et là, vous allez les gens
6:55quand vous voyez cela et par la manière si vous attraper ce sur le terrain maintenant
7:01tu sais pourquoi
7:02donc Steve Je vais céder la parole à vous mon ami et vous permettre maintenant trop
7:09euh je pense que je fais ce droit de sorte que vous n’êtes ai-je et vous encore m’a fait droit
7:18ouais en voir, j’ai le pouvoir me souviens que je pourrais dire que vous avez le droit de la puissance
7:22haha je laisse le droit de faire cela ne soyons pas sauter cette place d’abord, puis il est donc
7:29plus facile pour les gens à lire
7:31yep bien voici donc l’explication que nous avons été donnés par nos sources
7:36numéro un chiffre d’ensoleillement artificiel 1 montre le réseau de réflecteurs accidentels
7:42utilisé dans la construction de certains simulateurs c’est un fils simulateur petite échelle NASA
7:47construit et assemblé une grande échelle l’un dans l’espace est en utilisant ses hautes planètes et
7:51étoiles dans le système solaire je sais que c’est une déclaration audacieuse, mais voilà ce qui est
7:55ce que les ingénieurs nous disent
7:56Steve Je pense que nous allons mettre le défi à la NASA si elles veulent revenir
8:00et de réfuter sur la science étaient ouvertes pour le voir
8:03oui, et encore une fois nous sommes prêts à être corrigé sur là mais étant donné la façon dont
8:08que l’air et la NOAA un
8:11manipulé les tous les scientifiques atmosphériques et météorologiques de prétendre que
8:17chemtrails étaient pas réel
8:19Je veux dire, je pense que nous saurons quelles réponses mais quand vous aller la figure 1 ici afin
8:24ceci est un que vous savez cela est un exemple de la façon dont quelqu’un pourrait construire ces
8:28des conseils et encore vous montrer que le soleil lumière du simulateur arrangements de source faits
8:33d’une lampe à haute puissance et le miroir concave donc en gros il va rebonds
8:37vers l’arrière dans le miroir concave formé par les lampes et le refroidissement de certains
8:42mécanisme excentrique ainsi de suite tous les rayons lumineux issus de la lampe sont
8:46dirigé vers l’avant que les refléter reflètent le reflet de toutes les façons qui sont incidents
8:51dessus le long d’une direction horizontale maintenant ce que nous voulons d’abord
8:55la prochaine chose que vous voulez remarquer avec l’aile du simulateur Sun est la forme de
8:59l’ouverture au milieu à la fin de ce qui est utilisé comme le miroir concave
9:04derrière vous pouvez vous pouvez vous agrandir qu’absolument merci je veux dire non non je veux dire
9:09ils se documentent vous avez trois autres photos sur le votre défilement Je suis
9:14désolé yep donc probablement arrivés ici nous allons là vous allez qui le rend un peu
9:17plus facile pour moi
9:18de toute façon la première chose que je voulais souligner est la forme du miroir
9:23le montage et l’assemblage de l’ouverture centrale
9:26oui il est un hexagone et ce serait aller avec ce que nous voyons de l’ISS
9:35en particulier lorsque cela est tiré au droit d’être dirigé maintenant peut-être que le bouclier est
9:44un dispositif qui est central à focaliser la lumière Je ne sais pas, mais cela est une bonne
9:49explication de bien encore, il est une théorie plausible des raisons pour lesquelles nous voyons la
9:54phénomène que nous observons, nous essayons de ne pas armer vous savez que nous sommes à nouveau
9:58pas que nous ne sommes pas en train de dire que le ciel est en baisse, mais nous pensons qu’il est intéressant si
10:02ils ont la technologie et l’échelle disponible pour soit améliorer certains
10:06la lumière ou pour déplacer un peu de blanc ou de vous savez pour simuler un peu de soleil du lait que nous avions
10:12Pour en savoir à ce sujet, car il semble que nous payons pour cela
10:16apparemment, nous sommes tous payer pour cela à droite et nous avons obtenu une dette autour de chacun de nos
10:22nos cous Maintenant que uh
10:24vous savez disons simplement qu’il est il est il est un énorme que je pense que 65.000 uh
10:30dollars par chaque homme, femme et enfant dans les États-Unis de toute façon si la figure 3
10:37ce tableau et à l’arrière du dispositif de simulateur Sun se compose de hexagonal
10:40navire com réflecteurs troglodytes montés sur un disque et qui a été ce que nous sommes juste
10:43regardant précisément pour la figure 4 montre l’ensemble du dispositif de simulation de la Sun
10:51côté à l’arrière, nous avons un disque plat avec des réflecteurs Lance monté dans
10:56devant la pratique et les lampes ceci est cette figure donc en gros à l’avant
11:03les appareils de ce miroir les flèches oranges représentent les rayons lumineux sortant de la
11:06lampes réflecteurs réfléchissants montés sur les disques plats sont à l’arrière de la
11:11bleu et rayons verts illustrent ce qui se passe à la lumière provenant de la
11:15disque arrière du blu-ray montre qui va se passer comme au départ de quelque part
11:19entre le centre et le bord des disques arrière de la flèche verte illustre ce
11:23arrive au tableau partant du bord extérieur du disque plat
11:27crédible et vous savez ce que nous voyons que dans l’espace et nous voyons aussi
11:34ce qui pourrait expliquer pourquoi nous voyons certains types de couleurs à différents moments et
11:39différents angles du Soleil ou de son activateur sera appeler
11:45il explique aussi me Steve très logiquement pourquoi je l’ai enregistrée et d’autres
11:51ont ainsi aux sources de vie distinctes reflétant sur l’atmosphère de la Terre
11:59Je pense que nous savons maintenant que lorsque nous voyons une grande dispersion générale de la lumière qui est
12:06le plus probable sont vrai fils
12:08il est le foyer comme ça que nous voyons que maintenant je crois est en fait ce
12:13Sun et les gens artificiels Je ne sais pas combien de temps ils ont fait cela, mais
12:17ils ont fait ça évidemment pendant un certain temps
12:21chose correcte, puis le second est sur il est dans la figure 5, la direction de
12:26les rayons lumineux réfléchis par le miroir convexe avant et le contour global de la
12:29Sun simulateur est vu de l’avant et qui explique exactement ce pourquoi je
12:34pensons que nous pouvons voir deux sources lumineuses distinctes reflétant
12:38l’atmosphère de la Terre correcte et voilà pourquoi je aussi je pense que cela pourrait
12:43avoir quelque chose à voir avec la couleur du Soleil lui-même aussi bien ou la couleur de
12:46ce sont nos rainbows les rouges
12:50yep ouais parce que l’autre chose que je pense est intéressant sur les vidéos
12:55que vous montrez sur l’ISS est quand il devient rouge
12:58oui ma théorie sur c’est qui est que la lumière du soleil est ce qui ressemble vraiment à droite
13:03maintenant, je pense que ce en fait probablement une très bonne hypothèse que je fais vraiment et je
13:09suis d’accord avec vous, je pense que le bras de la poussière que ce soit une poussière de l’espace ou
13:17la poussière sur la terre est toujours en cours pour avoir des propriétés de type similaire droit aussi
13:21tempête de poussière que je peux être dans une partie beaucoup plus dense de cette tempête alors disons
13:27si vous vous connaissez un demi-mile où vous seriez obtenir mineure pour vous
13:33savoir pratiquement aucun effet du tout droit, donc je vais laisser le public tout simplement lire cette i
13:39voulez plus vous lisez le lire le vous savez l’arrêter et de jeter un oeil à l’article sur
13:44vous savez que nous avons compilé ensemble et voici juste un autre couple
13:48photographies que je pense sont intéressantes
13:50le premier est celui d’août $ AN 14 i suis retourné et un
13:54quelques photographies Wayne où je l’ai vu le fils de l’hexagone
13:57là, nous allons mention d’aimants pour cet hexagone est le résultat d’un énorme disque Sun
14:04il y a et voilà pourquoi je nous ai aussi le noir. parce qu’il n’y a vraiment que
14:08a pas de lumière en provenance de ce point noir du noir qui est en fait va être
14:12le réflecteur réfléchissant la lumière dans la lentille de la UH ou le miroir
14:19ensemble désolé
14:20je vous remercie Steve parce que vous savez que je vais plaider l’ignorance à ce sujet lorsque
14:24Je l’ai vu pour les 23 dernières années, les caméras qui montrent le noir. le centre
14:32et j’ai lu que bien que ce juste la façon dont la lentille de travail juste pour protéger
14:36vous savez ce que je n’ai pas un appareil photo comme ça dans tout cela dans
14:40Je ne sais pas de mes amis ou des professionnels qui ont une caméra
14:43est-ce que mais je pense que je sais maintenant ce que pourrait être potentiellement une caméra pourrait être
14:48potentiellement ramasser et aussi
14:52inclure une partie de la chair de l’objectif bizarre oui
14:55donc cela correspond presque euh ce que notre équipe d’ingénierie a regardé et a dit est
15:01ce qui pourrait faire ce que le dispositif pourrait ressembler
15:05oui et rester par la façon dont la raison pour laquelle nous allons dans cette voie particulière est
15:14que nous commençons à trouver des preuves anecdotiques que commence maintenant à
15:21soutenir ce que beaucoup d’entre nous ont été soupçonner et que ce qui arrive NASA
15:27est que lorsque vous donnez des gens intelligents accès aux outils que nous pourrions être sur votre
15:32équipe et le point est que je crois que nous sommes de retour essayant de se faire
15:38je vous remercie d’avoir quelque chose arrive à Stephen I ouais bien là vous allez
15:45donc quand nous disons que nous appelons notre gouvernement et ainsi de suite ont été fait dans
15:49l’amour de la manière la plus pacifique, nous voulons vraiment juste connaître la vérité aussi
15:53attendre ce que fait ce que vous savez nous donner un bulletin météo sur ce nous dire
15:58ce qui va se passer parce que vraiment nous ne savons pas ce qui va nous arriver
16:01il suffit de savoir que quelque chose est caché
16:05puis ici juste pour illustrer Wayne ceci est un est
16:11photographié et je suis en train de prendre mon petit menu pour sortir de mon chemin, donc je
16:15peut effectivement jouer avec cette photo alors laissez-moi deviner, ils semblent être sur
16:20Océan Arctique océan indien sud au milieu de tout cela est que ce qui est que
16:27la journée
16:28yxine tous ici nous y allons vous ok là, nous allons bien, merci
16:37voici la partie intéressante de c’est cette
16:41regardez ce que nous avons ajouté un même côté inflammable du Soleil est l’endroit où nous avons vu les
16:44images sucky qui était ce que cette personne a voulu souligner
16:48Je ne suis pas sûr si c’est dit bien ce que je fais ce que je sais est que j’ai un tas
16:53d’hexagones yeah yeah qui est tout ce que vous savez Steve Je ne comprends pas, je ne l’ai pas vu
17:04une autre explication monsieur que je pense que pour moi comme un homo sapien curieux
17:16quelque chose se passe là-bas nous allons laissons juste le public décide d’accord que nous sommes
17:23va présenter les choses au mieux que nous pouvons, mais aujourd’hui nous pris ce où
17:28ceci est ce que l’on théoriser cette petite chauve-souris est ici à nouveau, je vais souffler retour
17:33ici, donc vous pouvez voir l’idée nous avons coupé seulement que l’une section sur l’un des
17:37cames mais, fondamentalement, ce qui était intéressant à ce sujet est Wayne nous avait montré
17:41hier, ce plasma intéressant tout ce qui se passait, nous nous souvenons que
17:47oui monsieur que je fais et puis, puis un abonné envoyé aujourd’hui une image aujourd’hui
17:52qui a montré une anomalie similaire du regard de la caméra au sol à que les similitudes
17:58sont très ils sont
18:00Je sais, mais de toute façon ce que nous sommes théorisation est est potentiellement une autre
18:06étoiles et il n’y a que jusqu’à
18:10jaune vert rouge type flare chose que je vous connais plus gros plan. vous savez que je regarde
18:18que et en tant que photographe, je regarde et j’admire parce que je vois une
18:25réfraction de la lumière intense qui est une lumière intense frère et il est très
18:32séparées dans le spectre de la lumière
18:34wow I oui je pense que cela nous allons faire une coupure avec rétroaction ci-dessous encore, nous sommes dans la
18:43plus paisible quand il essaie de vous le savez sans violence en essayant d’obtenir juste le
18:48vérité et nous avons apprécié par la façon dont je tiens à remercier tout le monde pour tout le
18:52soutenir que les points pour essayer notes lettres dons
18:56il était écrasante Wayne comment cela comment mon I cette audience les abonnés a
19:02nous ont soutenus et signifier plus moi parce qu’il est mon truc, mais à la fin de la journée
19:07il est vraiment tout notre truc parce que nous avons tous cotisés contributions idées
19:16les idées les plus folles étaient ouvertes à tout droit et nous essayons de passer au crible
19:20assis à travers à travers et nous continuons simplement tamisage et cinquante et voici ce que
19:23qui se passe quand les gens intelligents se réunissent Wayne et le travail en équipe pour résoudre un
19:27problème et maintenant il y a presque 50 000 d’entre nous qui peut dire que nous savons au moins
19:32ce qui se passe sur le dernier mot que j’ai pour vous les gars ce soir et je vais laisser
19:36tout le monde aller quand je suis et nous allons simplement mettre fin à ce retard
19:40Je parlais à un des leaders du groupe aujourd’hui et I et par la façon dont nous
19:45avoir à couper tous les groupes en ce moment pour une période de temps étaient tout simplement
19:50nous devons trier ce que nous avons en ce moment vous assurer que tout est
19:53reliés entre eux, nous aurons la ligne d’entrée de groupe, mais la deuxième chose est la
19:57toute uh James madinat wso l’ensemble wso dans le monde entier est est que nous ne savons pas si
20:05il est compromis ou pas plutôt que de prendre une chance que nous allons simplement demander
20:09tout le monde de ne pas l’utiliser et ne pas envoyer quoi que ce soit et juste besoin qu’au
20:13que maintenant voici la dernière pensée si je parle à ce chef de groupe et nous sommes
20:17nous allons avoir une conversation et il était en train de parler à son groupe sur un
20:22conférence téléphonique wayne et il a envoyé
20:24l’enregistrement de celui-ci et encore, nous ne voulons pas savoir que nous ne sommes pas néces nous ne sommes pas
20:28essayer de groupes de contrôle central ou quelque chose comme que ce soit juste nous nous
20:31fait le lien comme un service de rencontres et maintenant nous sommes en train de laisser
20:34les gens savent des relations qui est ce qui se passe et il a dit dans le fait que dans
20:39que, dans ce discours, il était si profond quand il a dit quand le début montrant
20:45dans le ciel les gens sont il est sur les nouvelles et tout le monde est juste freaking out
20:49la seule chose que vous pouvez espérer parce que nous allons avoir peur d’est
20:54la seule différence entre nous et les masses est là que nous pouvons avoir un plan
20:59yeah yeah donc si vous la seule la meilleure chose que vous pouvez faire est de planifier et cette
21:06bon ce message ne vous ne pas besoin d’un groupe ou quelque chose comme ça le plan comment
21:09vous allez si les choses commencent à se détacher et les choses commencent à se produire Have A
21:14planifier ensemble une urgence 24 heures ont un lieu de rencontre pour tous vos
21:17amis et la famille ont une commune sur vous un téléphone cellulaire que tout le monde appelle
21:22sont tous gratuits ou un certain nombre de façons que vous pouvez vous assurer que vous avez un plan
21:25avant une catastrophe abandonnes me et c’est tout wso dit ce qui est bon
21:32des conseils que même la NASA a donné à ses employés dans la victoire Octobre
21:36ouais bien Steve aider aussi il va avec le bon sens que je veux dire la plupart des familles ne
21:42faire cela, mais Steve il est recommandé que la plupart des familles au moins deux fois par an faire
21:47des exercices d’incendie dans leur propre droit à la maison et nous disons simplement avoir un plan ne soyez pas
21:53pris au dépourvu, il pense que si la grille d’alimentation en eau toutes ces choses ont commencé
21:57tout ce que vous ne pensez quand vous êtes calme en ce moment
22:01table de cuisine tasse de café avec votre famille il suffit de penser à ce que
22:04quel est le plan si quelque chose va vers le bas comme en Louisiane pensent de cette façon
22:07Louisiana Je suis sûr que beaucoup de gens ne Louisiane à comparer les personnes à
22:12Plan pour quelqu’un qui n’a pas eu un plan
22:14les gens qui ont fait avoir planifié ont probablement beaucoup de membres de la famille
22:17que le travail flippe un état de jour, il est le gars et Lucia qui est allé vers le bas et
22:22acheté que dans l’un des fous aquatiques je pense qu’il a payé 1500 $ pour est venu ici et
22:31pour une raison quelconque, il avait assez de sens que quand il a vu la pluie à venir rempli it up
22:35et devine quoi
22:38ses voisins se sont inondées, il était assis à sec
22:42là vous allez donc prêt nous allons obtenir cette histoire importante et je vous remercie encore une fois
22:47attente pour nous aider à recoller les morceaux
22:49en partenariat avec la chaîne araignée youtube Wayne ceci est des boules de WSOC et signature
22:53off Gosh c’est les gars trucs intéressants

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Dill Martin 



Dill Martin 



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Fake Clouds





Fake Clouds 


NASAs BREVETÉ SUN FAKE. explique les chemtrails.

NASAs PATENTED FAKE SUN. explains the chemtrails. 



Artificial Sun & Cloud Cloaking – Mai 2016 

Artificial Sun & Cloud Cloaking – May 2016 

Big Asian Package Blog 



Solar simulator
US 3325238 A

DESCRIPTION  (Le texte OCR peut contenir des erreurs.)

June 13, 1967 G. GEIER 3,325,238

SOLAR SIMULATOR Filed June 4, 1963 o 2 E q C q- I INVENTOR.

GEORGE GEIER United States Patent 3,325,238 SOLAR SIMULATOR George Geier, Teaneck, NJ., assignor to Keulfel & Esser Company, Hoboken, N.J., a corporation of New Jersey Filed June 4, 1963, Ser. No. 285,4?6 2 Claims. (Cl. 35027) This invention rel’tates to systems, methods, means, and devices for obtaining parallel radiant energy rays or light rays of uniform illumination intensity and uniform energy distribution over a region or space from radiant energy emitted by a radiant energy source, and re fers, more particularly, to obtaining parallel radiant energy rays of uniform illumination intensity and uniform energy distribution and having a complete spectral range and which simulates solar radiation in outer space over a region or space on earth.

Until very recently man had no particular need for simulating solar radiation in the sense of obtaining radiation from a radiant energy source which would give parallel light rays or radiant energy rays of uniform illumination and energy intensity having a complete spectral range and simulating the spectral range of sun light. However, with the recent advances of the various disciplines of science, there has arisen a need for practical means for simulating solar radiation and consequently the need has arise for systems, methods, means, and devices for obtaining from a radiant energy or light source, radiation simulating solar radiation particularly as it occurs in outer space.

In prior art numerous devices and systems have been utilized to achieve substantially parallel light rays, however, these systems and devices did not achieve uniform radiation energy distribution nor uniform illumination distribution and did not give a complete spectral range. These prior art devices were in fact never intended to achieve the simulation of solar radiation.

Although other solar simulators are known, the present invention is believed to constitute a notable achievement in that it simulates solar radiation by means of a system which is not overly complex or costly, and which can utilize a more intense radiation source to give a greater area of simulated radiation per device.

An object of the present invention is to provide a system, method, means, and device for simulating solar radiation particularly at it occurs in outer space.

Another object is to provide a system, method, means, and device for obtaining parallel rays of radiant energy or light rays with a uniform illumination and energy dis tribution over a region or space and having a complete spectral range.

Another object is to provide means for simulating solar radiation with a system which is not overly complex, and which does not have the disadvantages of prior art.

Still another object is to provide a system which simulates solar radiation over a relatively large region utilizing relatively non-complex devices which may be stacked or clustered so as to have the areas of solar simulation of each individual device contiguous to one another so as to encompass a large region.

A further object is to provide a solar simulator which can use a more intense radiation or light source, and which gives a greater area of simulated radiation per solar simulator unit.

A further object is to provide a solar simulator which provides several (three or more) contiguous collimated radiation bands and which gives a composite area of uniform illumination for a complete spectral range.

A further object is the provision of a system for simulating solar radiation which is relatively easy and inexpensive to manufacture when considering the usual ice difiiculties and expenses in the art, and which can be easily utilized.

Other objects of the present invention will become apparent in the course of the following specification.

The objects of the present invention may ‘be realized by providing a system which comprises a radiant energy source which eminates radiant energy into an outer zone reflector system, an intermediate zone system, and also into an inner zone lens system, and so disposing such system components that said rays (and where desired when joined by rays from an ultraviolet fill-in system) form parallel radiant energy or light rays with uniform illumination intensity and energy distribution over a region or space and which gives a complete spectral range, thereby simulating solar radiation.

The invention will appear more clearly from the following detailed description when taken in connection with the accompanying drawing showing, by way of example, a preferred embodiment of the inventive idea.

In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is a schematic plan view of the optical system of a solar simulator of the present invention;

FIGURE 2 shows an optical member for use in the present invention.

The optics of the solar simulator 10 of the present invention is shown in FIGURE 1, and comprises a collector portion 11 and a collimating system portion 12.

The collector portion 11 has an inner zone 13 and an outer zone 14, while the collimating system portion 12 has an inner zone 13a, and a Cassegrain portion comprising intermediate zone 13b, and outer zone 14a.

The outer zone 14 of collector portion 11 comprises a radiant energy source 15 such as a carbon arc from carbon rods 16a, 16b, the central axis of carbon rod 16a lying on the axis 17 of solar simulator 10, an aquadric or aspherical reflector 18 having a centrally disposed aperture 19, and an aquadric or aspherical reflector 20 having a centrally disposed aperture 21. Xenon-mercury arc lamps and similar arc lamps are also suitable as the radiant energy source 15. Very high intensity radiation sources can be used in the present invention such as, for example, extremely high energy carbon arcs and other similar sources such as gaseous fed tungsten arc lamps. The aspherical reflector 18 is disposed in front of radiant energy source 15, andaspherical reflector 20 is disposed behind radiant energy source 15.

The aspherical reflectors 18 and 20 are made of brass, copper, nickel, steel, aluminum or other material of an equivalent satisfactory nature which can be shaped, and have aluminized surfaces 22 and 23, which are evaporated on the reflectors 18 and 20 in order to give high reflectivity.

The optics of the outer zone 14 in the collector portion 11 are essentially reflecting optics such as the reflectors 18 and 20, however, the optics of the outer zone 14 of the collector portion 11 further comprises field lens 24 which is disposed adjacent to diaphragm 25. The diaphragm 25 has an aperture 26 and is essentially at the focal plane of the collector portion 11. The field lens 24 is only slightly displaced from the focal plane of the collector portion 11. For practical purposes, the ifield lens 24 can be considered to be disposed at the focal plane. The field lens 24 has practically no effect on the location of the image of the collector system.

Feed mechanism 27 for feeding carbon rods 16a, 16b as required, extends through aperture 21 of aspherical reflector 20. As previously indicated, other types of radiant energy sources may also be used.

It should be noted that aspheric reflectors of conic section curvature (quadric surfaces) give coma but no spherical aberration. Aspherical reflectors having curvatures to formulae containing higher order terms (aquadric surfaces) on the other hand, can be designed to eliminate both coma and spherical aberration.

The field lens 24 tends to concentrate the edge rays which tend to spread out from the desired path.

The inner zone 13 of collector portion 11 comprises a first sapphire lens 28, a second sapphire lens 29, and a quartz lens 30 each of which are disposed on the axis 17 of the solar simulator between the radiant energy source and aperture 19 in aspherical reflector 18. Therefore it may be seen that the inner zone 13 of collector portion 11 has optics which may be classified as refracting optics. Lenses 28, 29, 30 can alternatively be replaced by two aspheric quartz lenses which are designed for the system.

Sapphire and quartz are used because of their broad spectral transmission band. Sapphire is used because it has a higher index of refraction than quartz so it can be made to equivalent power with less curvature and therefore less spherical aberration. An alternative would be to use aspheric refractors all of quartz or other suitable materials.

An ultraviolet fill-in radiation source 31, preferably in the shape of a torus, may be disposed at the focal plane of the reflectors 18 and completely about diaphragm 25. The ultraviolet fill-in radiation source 31 supplies additional ultraviolet radiation in order to reinforce the energy in the UV part of the spectrum. It is however not as well collimated as the main portion of the energy.

The outer zone 14a of the collimating system portion 12 comprises the convex surface aspheric or spheric (depending on design conditions) aluminized reflector 32 having a centrally disposed aperture 33, and an aluminized reflector 34 for example of parabolidal or aquadric shape having a centrally disposed aperture 35.

The intermediate zone 13b of the collimating system portion 12 comprises an aspheric or spheric aluminized reflector surface or mirror 36 having a centrally disposed aperture 36a in the reflector surface, and an aluminized reflector 37 for example of parabolidal or aquadric shape having a centrally disposed aperture 37a. The reflectors 32, 34, 36 and 37 can be made of materials similar to those described as suitable for reflector 18.

The inner zone 13a of collimator portion 12 comprises two positive quartz lenses 38 and 38a.

Where desired a lens 39 may be inserted in the centrally disposed opening of reflectors 32 and 37. If it is desired to minimize the distance between reflectors 36 and 37, the size of the apertures of reflectors 32 and 37 may be made smaller relative to the outer diameter of reflector 36 and a negative lens may be inserted as lens 39, since a negative lens tends to spread the light rays passing through apertures 33 and 37a thereby enabling the reflector 36 to be closer to reflector 37 and still completely illuminated. On the other hand, if it should be desired that the diarneter of reflector 36 be relatively decreased with respect to the size of apertures 33 and 37a or that it be further separated from reflector 37, then a positive lens 39 would be used, since a positive lens would tend to contract the rays passing through the apertures 33 and 37a thus allowing for a smaller angular subtense by reflector 36 at the position of lens 39. This is a design consideration and is used to control the size of the apertures 33 and 37a in the reflectors, and the size of the diameter of reflector 36, and the distances between.

If desired, a negative lens 40 may be placed in aperture 36a. The negative lens 40 tends to spread the rays passing through the aperture 36a and therefore enables lenses 38 and 38a to be brought closer to reflector 36, and the complete uniform collimation desired is still obtained.

A third alternative would be to replace reflector 36 and lens 40 with a quartz lens 41 as shown in FIGURE 2. The lens 41 has a negative lens central portion 41a and a positive outer portion 41b with an aluminized or otherwise adequately reflective surface 410 which performs the function of reflective surface 36, previously described. The lens 41 also takes the place of the negative lens 40 which was previously described as being disposed in aperture 36a. The negative lens 41 at the plane of reflector 36 is used for the purpose of enabling lenses 38 and 38a to be brought closer to the remainder of the solar simulator 10, thereby shortening both the optical length and the physical length of the solar simulator 10.

It should be further noted that the two lenses 38 and 38a might be replaced by one positive quartz lens of proper designs.

The light impinging on reflector 32 is generally from the outer zone 14 of collector portion 11. The light impinging on the reflector surface 36, while mostly coming from the inner zone rays of collector portion 11, can also comprise some additional rays from the outer zone 14 of collector portion 11, and this may be specifically designed into the system.

Further, note that the system may be designed so that some rays from inner zone 13 of collector 11 are also reflected ofl reflector 32 into the outer zone 14a of collimator 12. The considerations which would warrant such a design are the desire for having a completely uniform intensity of radiation and full spectrum band uniformly throughout the entire region of collimated simulated solar radiation.

The lenses 38 and 38a collimate the inner zone energy.

The focus of the collimating system portion 12 as well as the other collimating portions is disposed at the focus of the collector system 11.

If only a partial region of solar simulation is desired, tlhe system may be operated with only the outer zone FIGURE 1 shows the optical system of the solar simulator 10 of the present invention, and the various support structure members which are not shown or described in this application, are described and shown in my co-pending US. patent application, Ser. No. 203,021, filed June 18, 1962, now Patent 3,200,253, issued August 10, 1965. The structure and support means described in that application are equally applicable to the present invention with whatever minor modifications would appear necessary. Further, the outer structures of the solar simulator 10 of the present invention may have hexagonal peripheries as described in my prior application for facilitating stacking a number of these solar simulators parallel to one another so as to achieve a modular solar simulator comprising a plurality of units.

The solar simulator 10 of the present application may be utilized in a vacuum chamber as described in my copending application.

The outer band of the inner zone energy impinges upon reflector surface 36 and is reflected to the reflecting surface of reflector 37 from which it is collimated past the edge of lenses 38 and 38a and forms a contiguous uniform intensity of illumination with the collimated light passing through lenses 38 and 38a and also with the collimated light reflected from reflector 34.

As noted the energy reflected from reflector 32 is made up mostly of energy from the outer zone 14 of collector portion 11, but the system may be designed such that a portion of the inner zone energy from collector portion 11 impinges upon reflector 32. In some cases it may be desired to combine both inner and outer zone energy on reflector 32 to get a more uniform illumination intensity in the final band of collimated light emitted from the entire solar simulator.

The light impinging on reflector 36 is primarily from the inner zone 13 of collector portion 11 but may be designed to also reflect radiant energy coming from the outer zone 14 of collector portion 11. This design alternative again might be useful should it be necessary to attempt to attain an even more uniform illumination intensity across the entire bandof collimated light eminating from the solar simulator 10.

As was previously indicated, the lens 39 may or may not be used in the system depending on the desired ratio between the outer diameter of reflector 36 and the apertures 33 and 37a and the separation between the elements. Further, it was indicated that lens 39 might be a positive lens or a negative lens, the former aiding in contracting the rays impinging thereupon and this diminishing the necessary diameter of reflector 36, while a negative lens 39 would spread the rays thereby in general necessitating having a reflector 36 of a larger diameter.

In place of the reflector 36 one could use an optical element such as a lens having an inner portion which is a negative lens and convex outer portion which could serve as a reflector 36. The inner portion or the negative lens would enable the positive lenses 38 and 38a to be brought closer to the plane of reflector 36 and thereby decrease the length of the solar simulator If ample longitudinal space is available the negative lens 40 or 41a may be omitted and the diverging light passing through the aperture may be allowed to strike the lens 38 directly after it has expanded to cover the diameter thereof, the lens 38 being sufliciently separated from the mirror 36.

When the solar simulator 10 operates as described above a uniform intensity of illumination is achieved which comprises three contiguous areas and thereby enables a much more powerful radiation source to be utilized in the invention and which then gives a greater area of solar radiation simulation than has been possible with prior art simulators.

The manner of operation and use of the present invention is as follows:

The radiation from the radiant energy source 15 is used as a source of radiation for the outer zone 14a, intermediate zone 13b, and inner zone 13a.

. That portion of the radiation which goes to the outer zone 14 is collected by aspherical reflector 18 which collimates the radiation and reflects it to the second aspherical reflector 20, Which forms an image of the radiant energy source 15 at the focal plane of the collector system 11 at which is’disposed the diaphragm 25. The image of the radiant energy source 15 is magnified at the focal plane in the aperture 26 of diaphragm 25. The intensity of illumination or energy from the radiation source passing through the diaphragm may be varied by control ling the size of the aperture 26. Thus an enlarged image of the source of radiation 15 is formed directly beyond the field lens 24.

The outer zone radiation is then reflected from the aspherical reflector 32 to the parabodial reflector 34 which collimates the outer zone energy in a region outwardly from adjacent to the edge of the reflector 37. This collimated outer zone energy is part of the final solar simulation energy. The reflectors 32 and 34 make up part of the collimating system 12.

The concept of the outer system of the present invention has the advantage that the curvatures required in the reflectors 18 and 20 are much less severe than one would anticipate finding in such a system. The reflectors 18, 20 therefore lend themselves more readily to correction of coma by reiteration methods, and make it easier to contour the surface and for centering of these elements. Also the design of the fill-in lenses for the inner zone is greatly simplified.

The radiation from the radiant energy source 15 in the inner zone 13 is imaged by the collecting lens system comprising the lenses 28, 29 and 30 and is imaged just beyond the field lens 24 in the focal plane which is also the plane of the diaphragm 25. The central portion of this inner zone energy then passes through the fill-in system comprising positive lenses 38, 38a in FIGURE 1, (or in the alternate designs, lens 39, negative lens 40, and

positive lenses 38 and 38a) which collimate this portion of inner zone energy which is part of the solar simulation energy.

Some of the radiation from radiant energy source 15 in inner zone 13 (and as explained above, some energy from outer zone 14 where desired), impinges upon surface 36 and is reflected to reflector 37 from which it is reflected to form an intermediate zone 13b collimated light region contiguous with both the collimated light in outer zone 14a and inner zone 13a.

Thus the collimated energy in the outer zone 14a and inner zone 13a are contiguous with the light in the intermediate zone 13b and any blank spaces there between is held to a minimum. FIGURE 1 shows a number of energy rays and how they pass through the system, and further how the different rays are located with respect to various optical and mechanical elements in the system.

This collimated energy comprises rays which are parallel to 1 (the angle subtended by the source) and have uniform illumination and energy distribution over the entire area covered Within close tolerances, and which have a complete spectral range from .2 to 3.6 mu and simulate solar radiation (the Johnson spectrum).

The oblique rays or edge rays from the radiant energy source 15 can be interpreted in terms of the coma flare. However, it is more helpful to estimate the uniformity of illumination from the oblique rays.

An aplanatic system (corrected for spherical aberration and coma) is achieved by the proper combination surface design of reflectors 18 and 20, and reflectors 32, 34, 36 and 37. The optical means of the inner zone 13 of collector portion 11 can be made aspheric to lessen spherical aberration, and of course need not necessarily consist of three lenses.

There may be some reduction in intensity of illumination at both the inner and outer edges of the collimated beam due to vignetting, but this is in general a minor factor compared to nonuniformity resulting from coma. The sign of the residual coma in the present invention is advantageous from the point of view of collimation.

The only refracting element in the outer zone 13 is the field lens 24. The purpose of the field lens 24 is to reduce vignetting, and since it is substantially at a focal plane its only effect will be on vignetting. Changes in the wave lengths will, of course, change the effective index of refraction of the field lens 24 which will effect the degree of vignetting but nothing else. In other words, the effect of chromatic aberration in the outer zone optical system is entirely negligible.

The inner zone radiation is transferred entirely with refracting optics and consequently it will be somewhat more aflected by the wave length of the radiation.

The inner zone 13 optics of the collector portion 11 of solar simulator 10 includes the sapphire lenses 28 and 29 and the quartz lens 30, and will have only a very small spherical aberration.

Due to various inherent factors in a solar simulator system it is not always possible to obtain a complete spectral range, with more difliculty being experienced in the ultraviolet range from .2 to .3 mu. The solar simulator 10 of the present invention also compensates for any deficiency in this area. The reason for the loss of UV is that reflectors are low in UV reflectivity and even quartz lenses lose transmission of UV. In the present case the ultraviolet addition is made near the diaphragm 25. This is accomplished by the torus shaped UV source 31 which may be any suitable UV source having a voltage applied thereto. The visual UV fill-in source to be utilized with this invention would be mercury and Xenon gas which gives off ultraviolet rays and also other energy.

It is of course recognized that the UV rays from the UV fill-in radiation source 31 will not be as well collimated as the light passing through the entire collector 7 system 11. However, since this is a small proportion of the total energy this may be neglected. The energy output of the UV source in certain spectral lines is considered averaged over the appropriate wave length region thereby giving the desired results.

The precise curvature of the reflectors and the design of the individual lenses must of necessity be dictated by the individual requirements of the project at hand. This of course may be accomplished by means known to optical engineers and optical physicists and may be conveniently done by machine means, such as machine computers. It should be noted again that the device of the present invention may be clustered together to increase the area of solar radiation.

Among the advantages of the solar simulator 10 of the present invention are the following: parallel energy rays giving uniform energy and illuminaiton distribution over a large area and having the complete spectral range can be achieved with a relatively non-complex system and device; the systems and devices of the present invention may be clustered to form modulated solar simulators; coma, vignetting, and spherical aberration are kept at a minimum; the inner zone optical lens design is simplified by usage in conjunction with the intermediate and outer zone reflector system of the present invention; and much greater intensity radiation sources can be used giving simulated solar radiation over a much larger area, such as three contiguous regions, and the system and device of the present invention is easy and inexpensive to construct when considering the difficulty and costs involved in solar simulator systems, and it is easily utilized.

It is apparent that the described example is capable of many variations and modifications within the scope of the present invention. All such variations and modifications are to be included Within the scope of the present invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In a solar simulator comprising a radiant energy source, combination refractive and reflective means for respectively projecting inner zone rays and collecting outer zone rays from said source and focusing all said rays at a point in a focal plane, and means for collimating said rays emanating from said focal point; the improvement comprising collimating means providing a large, uniformly illuminated area, said collimating means comprising:

(a) a first Cassegrain collimating system comprising a primary and a secondary reflector each having an axial aperture therethrough for intercepting and collimating said outer zone rays to form an annular outer illuminating zone, and passing said inner zone rays, said first system being axially disposed in alignment with and in the path of said emanating rays;

(b) a second Cassegrain collimating system having an outer diameter substantially equal to the greater aperture of said reflectors of said first system and comprising a primary and a secondary reflector each having an axial aperture therethrough for intercepting and collimating an outer portion of said inner zone rays to form an annular intermediate illuminating zone contiguous with said outer illuminating zone, and passing the remaining inner portion of said inner Zone rays, said second system being disposed at a greater distance from said focal point than said first system and in axial alignment therewith in the path of said emanating rays, and

(c) a refractive collimating system having an outer diameter substantially equal to the greater aperture of said reflectors of said second system for intercepting and collimating said remaining inner portion of said inner zone rays to form an inner illuminating zone, contiguous with said intermediate zone, said refractive system being disposed at a greater distance from said focal point than said second system and in axial alignment therewith in the path of said emanating rays.

2. In a solar simulator comprising means providing a beam of light rays emanating from a point source and means for collimating said emanating light rays, the improvement comprising collimating means comprising:

(a) a first Cassegrain collimating system comprising first and second reflectors each having a centrally located aperture disposed axially in the path of said emanating rays so that,

(1) substantially all of said rays pass through the aperture of said first reflector,

(2) an outer peripheral portion of said rays are incident upon the convex reflecting surface of said second reflector and are reflected back to incidence upon the concave reflecting surface of said first reflector from whence said rays are reflected forwardly to form an outer annular zone of collimated light, and

(3) the remaining inner portion of said rays pass through the aperture of said second reflector;

(b) a second Cassegrain collimating system comprising third and fourth reflectors, said third and fourth reflectors each having a centrally located aperture, the diameters of said third and fourth reflectors being substantially equal to the diameters of the apertures of said first and third reflectors respectively, said third and fourth reflectors being disposed coaxially with and forwardly of said first Cassegrain system and in the path of said light rays passing through said second reflector aperture, so that (1) substantially all of said light rays passing through said second reflector aperture subsequently pass through said third reflector apertnre,

(2) an outer peripheral portion of said rays are incident upon the convex reflecting surface of said fourth reflector and are reflected back to incidence upon the concave reflecting surface of said third reflector from whence said rays are reflected forwardly to form an intermediate annular zone of collimated light contiguous with said outer zone and,

(3) the remaining inner portion of said rays pass through the aperture of said fourth reflector; and

(c) a refractive collimating system of a diameter substantially equal to the aperture of said third reflector, said refractive system being disposed coaxially with and forwardly of said second Cassegrain system so that substantially all of said light rays passing through said fourth reflector aperture are incident upon and transmitted by said refractive system, thereby forming an inner annular zone of collimated light contiguous with said intermediate zone.

References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 3,177,397 4/1965 Keeran 8857 3,200,253 8/1965 Geier 8857 3,239,660 3/1966 Hall 88-57 JEWELL H. PEDERSEN, Primal Examiner.

R. J. STERN, Assistant Examiner.


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