SACRIFICE HUMAIN AU LHC du CERN SUISSE le 10 Août 2016. _ 11_08_2016.




SACRIFICE HUMAIN AU LHC du CERN SUISSE le 10 Août 2016. _ 11_08_2016.





Dill Martin 






Anglais (Sous-titres automatiques)
0:00hey whats up youtube retreat from Boston today is the 11th of august $MONTH 2016
0:05and i’m going to show you a video that people are easily going to point out as
0:09a hoax
0:10let me ask you how are they holding a video at what appears to be one or two
0:15o’clock in the morning at CERN they are on the ground between building 39 and 40
0:20at CERN and the guy recording this is wearing a cloak you can catch it right
0:26in the reflection he’s wearing a cloak just like the rest of these people and
0:30he set up with his camera before these people walk out there and if you pay
0:35attention you’ll see over here what appears to be some sort of unseen
0:40entities walking out
0:42notice the guy is wearing a cloak in the reflection notice that he is in the
0:46building at CERN these people are on the property
0:50why am i all excited because this is exciting and instantly people are going
0:55to pull this and say that it is a hopes well how do these people gain access and
1:00why is this guy wearing a cloak and he absolutely freaks out during this video
1:06and he runs into the building where there is a projecting a projection of a
1:11Collider on the wall so this stuff is all accurate you can search for yourself
1:16who will earth spend a little time researching this but this is absolutely
1:22crazy it is what appears to be a human sacrifice or a mock human sacrifice
1:28perhaps in tribute to bohemian grow who knows who knows but the fact that these
1:36people are even going through these motions on the grounds of CERN in Geneva
1:41is highly disconcerting highly disconcerting
1:48watch this
1:54and then the guy freaks out i’m gonna play that going again but i’ll put all
2:05the original in
2:23all the time
2:38what the fuck
3:42fuck if this is a hoax these people still had access to CERN at two or three
4:08o’clock in the morning in one of them was inside the facility as you can see
4:13this is a projection of one of the colliders in the buildings at CERN so if
4:18this is a hoax
4:19I’m still interested because we’ve seen them do the cremation of care where they
4:24kill in effigy
4:26I don’t know what to tell you receive from Boston it appears they’re doing
4:30some sort of satanic ritual at CERN if you can debunk this please show your
4:36evidence below Richie Boston I’m out

Ajoutée le 11 août 2016

Anglais (Sous-titres automatiques)
0:00hey whats up youtube retraite de Boston aujourd’hui est le 11 août $ MOIS 2016
0:05et je vais vous montrer une vidéo que les gens sont facilement vont souligner que
0:09un canular
0:10permettez-moi de vous demander comment sont-ils tiennent une vidéo à ce qui semble être un ou deux
0:15heures du matin, au CERN, ils sont sur le terrain entre la construction 39 et 40
0:20au CERN et le type d’enregistrement de cette porte un manteau, vous pouvez l’attraper droit
0:26dans la réflexion qu’il porte un manteau tout comme le reste de ces personnes et
00h30il a créé avec son appareil photo avant que ces gens marchent là-bas et si vous payez
0:35attention, vous verrez ici ce qui semble être une sorte de invisible
0:40entités sortant
0:42remarque le gars porte un manteau dans l’avis de réflexion qu’il est dans le
0:46la construction au CERN ces gens sont sur la propriété
0:50Pourquoi suis-je tout excité parce que c’est excitant et instantanément les gens vont
0:55de tirer cela et dire qu’il est un espoir bien comment ces gens ont accès et
1:00pourquoi est-ce gars portant un manteau et il flippe absolument au cours de cette vidéo
1:06et il fonctionne dans le bâtiment où il y a une projection d’une projection d’un
1:11Collider sur le mur pour ce genre de choses est tout précis, vous pouvez rechercher par vous-même
1:16qui va passer la terre un peu de temps des recherches sur ce mais cela est absolument
1:22il est fou ce qui semble être un sacrifice humain ou un sacrifice humain simulé
1:28peut-être en hommage à Bohemian croître qui sait qui sait, mais le fait que ces
1:36les gens vont même à travers ces mouvements sur les motifs du CERN à Genève
1:41est très déconcertant très déconcertant
1:48regarde ça
1:54puis le gars freaks je vais jouer ce que cela va à nouveau mais je vais mettre tous
2:23tout le temps
2:38ce que le baiser
3:42baiser si cela est un canular ces gens avaient toujours accès au CERN à deux ou trois
4:08heures du matin dans l’un d’entre eux était à l’intérieur de l’installation que vous pouvez voir
4:13ceci est une projection de l’un des collisionneurs dans les bâtiments du CERN donc si
4:18ceci est un canular
4:19Je suis toujours intéressé parce que nous les avons vu faire la crémation des soins là où ils
4:24tuer en effigie
4:26Je ne sais pas quoi dire que vous recevez de Boston, il semble qu’ils font
4:30une sorte de rituel satanique au CERN si vous pouvez démystifier ce spectacle s’il vous plaît votre
4:36la preuve ci-dessous Richie Boston Je suis sur

Ajoutée le 11 août 2016




A Call For An Uprising 


Sacrifice humain Pris sur VIDEO !!! Enregistré par quelqu’un au CERN!

Human Sacrifice Caught On VIDEO!!! Recorded by somebody at CERN!




Dill Martin – 

Ajoutée le 11 août 2016
Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. Mark 8:38
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge;but fools despise wisdom and instruction.The Book Of Proverbs.1:7.
And GOD said,let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens,to divide the day from the night;and let them be for signs,and for seasons,and for days,and years.Genesis.1:14.
And there shall be signs in the Sun,and in the Moon,and in the stars;and upon the Earth distress of nations;with perplexity;the sea and the waves roaring.Men’s hearts failing them for fear,and for looking after those things which are coming on the Earth;for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.And then they shall see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
Verily I say unto you,this generation shall not pass away,till all be fulfilled.Heaven and Earth shall pass away;but my words shall not pass away. Luke 21:
He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life;and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life;but the wrath of GOD abideth on him. John3:36.
JESUS saith unto him,I am the way,the truth,and the life;no man cometh unto the Father,but by me. John 14:6
Who is a liar but he that denieth that JESUS is the CHRIST,he is antichrist,that denieth the Father and the Son. 1John 2:22.
All thanks and credit to msineedthreads you tube channel, a link to this channel is at the top of the comments section, please subscribe.
The constellation of Nibiru is composed of 4 planets: Nemesis, Helion, Arboda, and of course Nibiru, and also 2 Moons: Harrington and Ferrada. Nibiru will not hit the earth but is going to produce major changes on it.
Nibiru belongs to a whole system of 6 independent objects. Because it is so big, its presence in the solar system produces important changes in every planet of the solar system including our sun. The earth will be substantially affected because of Nibiru’s presence (look for example that we have now 30°C in the Arctic.) No one of the important observatories in the world reports about what happen because the governments have forbidden to disclose it.
Nibiru is one of four planets,and two moons orbiting a dark star or brown dwarf. When the dark star is at perihelion,closest position to our sun, between 60 and 70 AU= astronomical units,astronomical unit equals the average distance between earth and the sun,the orbit of Nibiru, which is 60 AU,the dark star has a sufficiently elongated orbit to cross our solar system, usually in the vicinity of Jupiter’s orbit, although this can vary.
These signs in the heavens,are from GOD,and from him alone,regardless of how these signs are occurring,and being brought about,they are from GOD the creator,who created all things,both visible,and invisible.Amen.
The powers that be,are finding it increasingly more difficult,to hide all these signs which are from the LORD,with their endless Geo engineering programs,and various other technologies,that they use against all of humanity.
A brief condensed description of the powers that be…They are a worldwide secret society who’s membership is almost exclusively draw from elite powerful bloodlines except for some special none bloodline occultist who are attached to the fringes.They were the governing body in the ancient mystery religions and since the days of the pharaohs consider themselves illuminated to divinity. The present world beast system was created by them and is controlled behind the scenes by them.These bloodsucking satanic parasites will be brought to justice,and dealt with treacherously by the LORD GOD,who lives and reigns forever and ever,all honour and great glory to him.Amen.
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Blessed be GOD the father,and the Son,forever and ever.Amen.


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