UFO Sighting 2016 | Dernières Observations OVNI 2016 | UFO 2016 | LiveLeak Awesome UFO | UFO Documentary 2016 | Juin 2016 | 11_06_2016.



UFO Sighting 2016 | Dernières Observations OVNI 2016 | UFO 2016 | LiveLeak Awesome UFO | UFO Documentary 2016 | Juin 2016 | 11_06_2016.


UFO Sighting 2016 | UFO 2016 | LiveLeak UFO Impressionnant | UFO Documentaire 2016 

UFO Sightings 

Three UFOs blasted out of the atmosphere: Nasa cut live ISS “AGAIN”

Mister Enigma released a video on Youtube where he claimed have caught 3 UFOs that left earth. NASA would have interrupted live stream from the International Space Station(ISS). The ISS is a space station that orbits 400 km’s above earth with a speed of 7. 66 km/s. Shown in the video are three unidentified flying objects coming out of the atmosphere. The lights leave our planet a few seconds before the live feed is interrupted by NASA as the “signal was lost. ”It is not the first time, Earlier this year the live images of the ISS were also interrupted when a UFO Sightings 2016 appeared. Is this an Area51 project, Extraterrestrial or just special effects? I want to read your thoughts in the comment section. For the video visit the article, link is below. Do not forget to subscribe so you never miss the alternative news, I appreciate a lot if you share this video to spread the news.


Deutsche UFO-Akten: Bundestag kämpft gegen Freigabe

For the past two years, the Berliner has been struggling to have Germany release her hitherto secret UFO files to the public. Though his path to seeking legal redress is currently threatening to stagnate. I am appalled, that here in Germany we have worse access to information, than is the norm in most other countries of the world. In more than 20 other countries, I have access toUFO files: In France, Great Britain, even in Peru and Chile, we have much better access to the UFO files.

Two years ago, Frank Reitemeyer, under the Freedom of Information Act, had filed a request for access to a previously withheld draft of the Research Services of the German Bundestag. The draft is titled, “The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and the Implementation of UN-Resolution A/33/426 on the Surveillance of Unidentified Flying Objects and Extraterrestrial Lifeforms. “To be sure, the Bundestag administration had denied access to the files, since drafts of the Research Services of the Bundestag are excluded from the Freedom of Information Act. However, Frank Reitemeyer did not want to put up with that. He brought a suit before the Administrative Court of Berlin and won.

The Court requested the Administration of the Bundestag to grant him access to the secret UFO files. A leading decision, which caught the attention of both journalists and jurists alike. Even the German Federal Data Protection Commissioner became vigilant, and spoke out in this TV program among other things. “. . . access not wanted!” “The Bundestag and a UFO dossier. “In the parliament, it is nonetheless a matter of making the bases for decisions as transparent as possible. And that also means, that expert opinions, which have been commissioned in the Research Service, which are financed by the taxpayers’ money, that this information is made available to the public and the citizens.

However, the Administration of the Bundestag can obviously not handle so much transparency in government. It filed an appeal against the leading decision. After the debacle before the Administrative Court of Berlin,the Administration of the Bundestag is leaving nothing to chance this time and is being represented by an international celebrity law firm. In order to keep the UFO file of the Research Services closed,the Administration of the Bundestag even had a legal opinion drawn up. And what one reads inside it about Freedom of Information and government transparency, in Reitemeyer’s opinion, sounds not at all like a constitutional democracy. “The deputies of the German Bundestag, also like those of other parliaments can not only, but instead are permitted and must to some extent even have an information advantage as opposed to the citizens,and it is broadly their duty, if and to what extent they leave this information advantage. “What do you make of this? I am scandalized! Our constitution, the Basic Law, freedom of opinion and Article 20, that all powers of the state devolve from the people, do not support this.The administration of the Bundestag has broken out the big guns. However, how much did the taxpayer actually have to cough up for the draft? On this score, the Administration of the Bundestag is refusing any information. The fee agreement with the legal expert is subject to the protection for “business and trade secrets” after all. Is this what freedom of information is like in Germany?Frank Reitemeyer is barely clinging to the hope that he will ever have access to the UFO file. Since a counter-opinion, which possibly costs thousands of euros, cannot be provided by him.



NIBIRU – SKY – Impacts Climat – Volcans Irruptions Fréquence Magnitude – Profonds Tremblements de Terres – Fissurations – Lacs Disparitions – … – _ 11_06_2016.


Military Secretive : GPS Blackout in California “Testing Something Disrupts GPS Over A Huge Area”. _ 10_06_2016.






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