Vol Egypte Air MS 804 Image Postée par l’Hôtesse _ Before Crash _ Vol 18_05_2016 Ecrasé en Mer 19_05_2016. __ 25_05_2016.



Qué Significa _
The picture itself is a bit machiavellian showing the woman emerging
from the water with the suitcase is the plane goes down in the water

Vol Egypte Air MS 804 Image Postée par l’Hôtesse _ Before Crash _  Vol 18_05_2016 Ecrasé en Mer 19_05_2016.

FOU! EgyptAir MS804 Hôtesse Posté FB Pic de l’avion Crashing Into Sea

FOU ! Hôtesse de l’air EgyptAir MS804 Posté Face Book Pic d’avion s’écraser en mer

مجنون! نشرت مضيفة مصر للطيران MS804 ألفيس بوك الموافقة المسبقة عن علم تتحطم الطائرة في البحر

مجنون! نشرت مضيفة مصر للطيران MS804 إف ب الموافقة المسبقة عن علم تتحطم الطائرة في البحر


CRAZY! EgyptAir MS804 Stewardess Posted FB Pic of Plane Crashing Into Sea



Ajoutée le 20 mai 2016

EgyptAir stewardess Samar Ezz Eldin posted a photshopped picture of an air hostess in front of a passenger jet crashing into the sea behind her on her Facebook page. The 27-year-old was among the first passengers and crew on board Flight MS804 to be named. 

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Anglais (Sous-titres automatiques)
0:00this is da poo 7 updates to this incident that happened in the
0:05Mediterranean Sea involving this Egypt air flight ms 8042 they’re saying now
0:12has gone down in the not sure how the same potentially a terrorist attack but
0:18you in terms of you could have done this and I want to point out that of all
0:25people across the globe there was a massive nato drill going on right
0:32underneath of where this happened for those of you to remember the last Egypt
0:38EgyptAir flight or Egyptian flight to get blown out of the sky we reported on
0:45guess who was doing a military exercise right underneath and claimed they had
0:49nothing to do with it
0:50the Egyptian military what are the odds but flights go down and huge drills and
0:56exercises are going down right underneath them this happening it was at
1:02119 or something like that it was 911 backwards also eight hundred and four
1:08days since the last event come on the image you’re looking at here was posted
1:17by a stewardess that was aboard the flight data said to have gone down in
1:22the Mediterranean she posted this on Facebook it was a very strange picture
1:30to put out there for someone who is said to have just lost their life in this
1:39exact same scenario
1:42the picture itself is a bit machiavellian showing the woman emerging
1:48from the water with the suitcase is the plane goes down in the water which also
1:53odd is even though this was posted back into 2014 there have been very few posts
1:58since the last post was one picture of her
2:02of the of the girl that most of this tomorrow as eldon it was in March
2:07absolute silence ever since
2:13so the numbers there and now the crazy factor here of a woman a stewardess the
2:20posts a picture of what is ultimately the event that would take her life
2:27eerily prophetic treat me some odd suspicious which you will hear it went
2:40down and it it’s just a part of the riddle here trying to figure out exactly
2:44what happened I’m gonna leave links you guys come over here and check out all of
2:50this in its entirety
2:52you can see the plane going down right there in the shot this is the full shot
2:55over on her Facebook page you can see you again
3:07it’s the same situation now I wanna make some site notes here and I’m not going
3:16to name names for people that want to remain anonymous but I’m gonna tell you
3:19this much there is no military personnel specifically a chopper pilot that has
3:27been trying to sell his motorcycle now for the past year and he’s been doing
3:31still because he was told in March of last year by 2015 that he would be being
3:38deployed to Egypt in 15 months to end of May 2016 what are the odds of that
4:00I leave links to be W seven

L’hôtesse de l’air en cas de catastrophe prophétisé EgyptAir vol MS804

La Azafata que Profetizó el Desastre del Vuelo MS804 de EgyptAir 


Ajoutée le 21 mai 2016

¿Trágica coincidencia o premonición? La azafata de la aerolínea EgyptAir, Samar Ezz Eldin que iba en el avión desaparecido del vuelo MS804 había subido a facebook una imagen muy extraña…


EgyptAir Vol victime préposé Posté étrange Image du Crash d’avion il y a deux ans

مصر للطيران رحلة المصاحبة الضحية نشرت صورة غريب من حادث تحطم الطائرة قبل عامين

EgyptAir Flight Attendant Victim Posted Eerie Image of Plane Crash Two Years Ago

Ajoutée le 20 mai 2016

A chilling photo posted by one of the victims of EgyptAir Flight MS804 nearly two years ago is making the rounds on social media following the devastating crash. The image, posted by flight attendant Samar Eldin, was posted in September 2014 to her Facebook page. The image shows a different flight attendant with a bag, calmly standing in water as a plane crashes behind her. Debris and body parts discovered in the Mediterranean Sea have been confirmed to be from the flight that crashed near the Greek island of Crete.



Premier audio d’EgyptAir poste de pilotage publié 

Premier audio du poste de pilotage d’EgyptAir publié
الصوت الأول من مصر للطيران رحلة الإفراج

First audio from EgyptAir flight deck released



Ajoutée le 21 mai 2016

The first audio available from EgyptAir Flight 804 indicates that all was routine as the plane checked in with air traffic controllers in Zurich, Switzerland, late on Wednesday night, before being handed over to Italian air traffic controllers in Padova.

Le premier audio disponibles à partir de EgyptAir Vol 804 indique que tout était de routine que l’avion contrôlé avec les contrôleurs de lacirculation aérienne à Zurich, en Suisse, mercredi soir, avant d’ être remis aux italiens les contrôleurs de la circulation aérienne à Padova.

الصوت الأول متاح من مصر للطيران رحلة 804 تشير إلى أن الجميع كان الروتينية كالطائرة التحقق مع مراقبي الحركة الجوية في زيوريخ، سويسرا، متأخراً في ليلة الأربعاء، قبل تسليمهما إلى مراقبي الحركة الجوية الإيطالية في بادوفا.






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